PS3 parental controls? Not so easy

On Tuesday, Will Greenwald wrote on CNET Crave about the misinformation surrounding Mass Effect, and pointed out parents can easily restrict their children from playing it on their Xbox 360. It's similarly easy to manage mature games on the Nintendo Wii. Unfortunately, if you have a Playstation 3, you're going to have a much more awkward time. Greenwald explains. (Jan 24 2008)

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fjtorres4377d ago

The PS2 was already out when the original XBOX brought parental controls to console hardware.
Nintendo used to simply not allow mature games on their consoles (in the US, anyway) but with Gamecube they dropped that policy.
Sony never did anything until PS3.

GrooveChampion4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

NM, I was thinking of DVD parental checks. The PS2 definitely had those.. :P

Rama262854377d ago

How about just not buying your children certain games? If a game shop does their job properly they shouldn't sell certain games to children under the set age limit for that game, and the only way for them to obtain those games is usually via their parents.

If your child does obtain a game they shouldn't have, then at least the PS3 does have parental control, albeit not one easy to understand. If Sony are going to use their own rating system, then they should at least explain it to people.

fjtorres4377d ago

Just becausae *you* do your job raising your kids right and policing what they see or play, doesn't mean the neighbors do. And kids lend each other games all the time so hardware-based parental controls are a good idea.
The problem the article alludes to is that many parents are lazy to start with and hardly bother with *easy* parental controls. Quirky and odd ones they just give up on. And then they go squawking about the games to FOX and other idiot media venues.
Good parental controls are the only shield the industry has against the busybodies in congress so if even a few parents start complaining to the idiot politicians that parental controls don't work, the pols will use them as an excuse to censor games.
That is why this concerns all of us.

Kleptic4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

fjtorres...great point...

once again these articles filter directly back to the parents...and while every parent feels they are good parent (most anyway), few take the time to actually learn the things that kids are interested in...

this entire ME thing centered around people in the media, a mildly retarded author-psych major, not understanding video games...they 'heard' in one way or another that explicit sex material was in a wildly successful video game...and ran with it...but then blatantly admitted to not once playing the game...apparently even parents do not grow out of hear-say...someone said its in there, so lets put it on the news and look ignorant...

us gamers though will someday make amazing parents in this regard...I know I will be playing every good game before any kid of mine ever gets his/her grubby little mits on it anyway...and I will know then and there whether its something my child should play based on their parents did the same dad had to take my gameboy for 3 weeks to get sick of Tetris before I was deemed old enough to enjoy it...I was 5...I know that was more him just wanting to play the game...but he spent many hours at an arcade learning all the fatalities in Mortal Kombat, and seeing everything the game would possibly show...before he decided when I could play the end he let me play a lot of violent video games at a younger age than a lot of my friends...but he understood the industry, and made sure I was never seeing anything that he hadn't...He played through Doom II on the PC twice before christmas back in late '94 or whenever that was...I was 11...I got the empty box and manual christmas morning, and he told it was already installed and ready to go...

I didn't know that he was doing this kind of stuff until I was much older, my mom ended up telling me when hearing about some game on TV...but my dad admitted to the fact that the stuff he would hear on the news would make things seem way way worse than they really were...according to the news, Doom II was the work of the antichrist...and that any home containing that game would be swallowed into an open rift leading straight to hell...same with MK...but when he actually played them, realized that they are hardly realistic (his quote of Doom exactly was "when you shoot a guy in doom, it looks like red trash falls out of him" these parents would actually take the time to watch and learn what the kids are playing, they would probably start to wonder what the big deal is all about in the first place...granted something like Gears of War and the upcoming Dark Sector look to be radically more realistic and violent than some in the past...but it doesn't change the fact that if have a stable kid, and is raised properly, that they will understand the line between reality and a video game...

he stopped doing that though when i was around that point he was more worried about me drinking and chasing girls I guess than a video game with blood in it...

sorry for the long post...but there are ways to handle this violent content maturely...just know what your kids are playing...if you want to get all adult with them and 'talk about it'...thats one wants a bunch of murderers being raised...its just being a lazy idiot and barking about shat that you don't understand isn't going to help anything either...

BrianC62344377d ago

If parents are really worried they could get a cabinet with locking doors and lock the consoles up in it when they aren't home. That would actually be best with younger kids anyway. They shouldn't spend all their free time playing games. They can do homework. Do chores. Go outside and play. Whatever. I think people use game consoles as babysitters and that just isn't good.

travelguy2k4377d ago

Sony should have their own rating system displayed on the game box so that we at least have a clue.

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Kleptic4377d ago

well people wanted region free gaming...this is what you get...

I guess SCe could have implemented something were you state your territory, and it will use that specific rating system...but who knows...some kid in Germany could want to import Manhunt 2, or a friend of his imported it and brought to the kids house.. (I know its not a PS3 game, just an example)...and a territory only restriction, it would play the game anyway...without the parents ever knowing...

if you really care about this kind of will take the time to learn it...take a look at every single game your kid is playing, and figure out whats appropriate...

parents and govt. peeps that keep pushing for this to be 'as easy as possible' are going to whine and whine until its done automatically...then they will turn around and flip about because it blocks the children from some material that they feel is fully appropriate...w/e...can't win...

Bleucrunch4377d ago

Parental Controls????? what in the world would you do that for......did sega genesis have parental controls when mortal kombat came out nooooooooooooo did playstation have parental controls when resident evil came out what the hell is the problem now people need to grow the hell up its not that serious, games dont influence young minds to do the things that they do its just a cop out to place blame somewhere.

Kyur4ThePain4377d ago

It's called my foot up your @ss if you don't listen.

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