Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution Dated for October 18

Chara-ani announced today a final release date for October 18 for Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution.

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Xof3363d ago

So... how many Legend of Heroes games are we behind on? 3? 4?

Amin173363d ago

hmmm quite a lot of games coming out for the vita this October :
silent hill
PS all stars
SF x tk
Lego lord of the rings
super monkey ball bb
AC liberation
wrc 2012
and nfs most wanted,
so vital sales are gonna explode hopefully.

Canary3363d ago

Sales will certainly spike, but whether or not they'll "explode" depends entirely on whether or not Sony can maintain a (reasonable) schedule of releases.

At least in North America. In Japan, Vita has a very solid line-up... but over here... not so much.

Case in point, all of those October releases you mentioned. All of them--every single one--is scheduled for an October 30th release. The tail end of the month. And between now and then... there are only 5 games.

And unless you're a profoundly irrational fanboy, that's obviously a very bad thing.

Unless Sony can start staggering game releases well this November and December, it's unlikely that spike of October releases will do much to improve the Vita's position during the holidays.

And to do that, they're going to have to start either encouraging third parties to start localizing Japanese games, or start doing it themselves. Bring over Legend of Heroes. Bring over Battle Destiny. Bring over Project Diva F.