Name A Multiplayer Mode In Medal of Honor: Warfighter

MP1st - Danger Close wants you to name a new competitive game mode in Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

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Tonester9252289d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

1.Honor Coliseum
2.Beast Mode

This is what I wrote for what I wanted in BF3. But, Maybe it will fit better here.

I was thinking of a sort of Breach and Clear type of game. Where its 8v8/16v16, 8 inside of a building (hotel,cruise ship,skyscraper,ALCATRAZ etc..) and you and the squad have to breach and clear all rooms until you kill everyone one the opposite team. Maybe have a Night level when you need the flash lights/night vision. Maybe the other factions cut the power on a huge Cruise Ship.

Imagine the team work that is needed to complete this match. A mic would be more than needed!
Extra XP if no one on your squad dies. If you die, there would be a sort of spectator mode.

I'm thinking of a sort of 1 life thing. Once you die, thats it.
So having a good medic in the Assault Class on your team would be crucial.
The Recon Class can maybe have a little UAV robot that can go underneath doors to see if anyone is inside.
The Engineer Class can open doors quietly.
And the Support Class to place c4 on doors to blow them up.

Right now I'm just typing everything that comes to mind. lol

What do you guys think?

I didn't want to make it sound like a hide and seek game type.

Maybe have some objectives like defuse the bomb, save the civilians, etc

Just thinking about a Cruise Ship Level.

We can have the enemy team already on the cruise ship or another type of ship maybe carrying missiles or (your story here).

The objective is to get to the heart of the Ship and Defuse the bomb, Save the Civilians, Etc Or have multiple objectives at the same time. Really test the team work! The people inside will have to defend themselves. The Cruise ship will advance for every ticket lost. So staying alive will be essential for the players trying to save the ship.

Yeah, the campers may be a problem. Maybe have multiple entrances into a room, flash/smoke grenades to counter them? I just want a more deeper and intense multiplayer game mode. Where it's "crunch time" the whole match.
. But I wanted it to be a much slower pace and a critical thinking style of gameplay where mics are essential and a person running around without their squad is a sitting duck.

Have a Battleship about to let a missile off into NYC or something. Next, you and your squad finds their way into the ship. There can be a certain sub-objectives as well such as: Trying to cut the lights off where everyone will have to use night vision and flashlights. Which will be crazy!

I wanted a Game Mode where it feels like you are completing part of a story line. Or how at the end of a match in BFBC2 everything blows up. Make me feel good when we win a match and not just a "alright next match" mindset.

Please feel free to put your own ideas!

pompombrum2288d ago

Everyone should ask for one to be called Taliban for shits and giggles.