Permadeath: Wave of the future

"Friends, I'm afraid modern video-game design philosophy has painted itself into a corner where it's now virtually impossible for players to lose. So long as you adjust the difficulty down to your skill level and apply some persistence, you'll eventually win every time...guaranteed. That effectively separates video games from every other category of game in existence," writes Bitmob.

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Jadedz2341d ago

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony probably won't allow it, but I always wanted to play a title focused heavily on the avatar/Mii premise.

And I don't mean casually styled either (the software) - I want Mii's featured in rpgs, shooters, traditional sports (Pro evolution soccer on the Wii is great, because of Mii integration), etc.

rdgneoz32341d ago

It is an interesting feature that makes people actually plan things out a bit in advance, instead of running in guns blazing. However, switching over to another character isn't really permadeath. It's more along the lines of losing one of your lives.

With most games that have it, if you're character dies, you have to start all over again. Not pick up from where you left off with just a different skin on your character.

homer2340d ago

Yeah. Permadeath may not be as meaningful in Xcom as it would be in Fire Emblem or Valkyria Chronicles since those two games have a set amount of characters each pretty much with their own personalities and prejudices, but like you said, it's a way to ensure you think things through so that you don't lose a highly trained veteran or something like that.

SybaRat2340d ago

I want permadeath in Pokemon games. I'd buy them just to lose, lose, lose, lose.