The NFL’s Most Badass Facemask will be in Madden 13

"Justin Tuck, the defensive lineman for the New York Giants, got sick of getting jerked around by the facemask last year, so he had the helmet maker Schutt fashion ... that, which practically assures he won't get facemasked in the coming year. Madden NFL 13 released a screenshot today showing that, yep, it's in the game.

Most facemask penalties in the NFL involve grasping the cage of a ballcarrier or a quarterback, so it's safe to say virtual Justin Tuck was already facemask-proof. Still cool to see him rocking a grill that looks like Baraka from Mortal Kombat.", writes Kotaku.

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GuruStarr782292d ago

That's great, but will it make the Vita version of the game?

Skate-AK2292d ago

Highly doubt it since they said the Vita version is basically Madden 12.5

dubt722292d ago

If he was a real badass he'd wear one of those single bar facemasks like the kickers wear...

TheTwelve2292d ago

Who aren't allowed to be touched on the field?

Beetey2292d ago

I think it makes him look like a pansy to need that many bars.

BX812292d ago

It's amazing how far football games have come. I remember playing tecmo bowl as a kid thinking it was the bees knees.

Funky Town_TX2292d ago

Walter Payton and Roger Craig were breast.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2292d ago

Bo Jackson 99 yard punt return for the win :)

SpinalRemains1382292d ago

He'll be allowed to wear that mask until a TE leaves his severed finger in the endzone.

That thing is dangerous. It's going to be responsible for more severed fingers than Vinny CannaTuna!