Visit TGS 2006 By Video

Walk the floor with! They go hands on with all the big PS3 titles like The Eye of Judgement, Unknown Realm, GT HD, LAIR, GENJI 2, and more. They also spend a lot of time with heavy hitters on the XBOX 360 and the Wii and you even get to see some booth babes dressed up as the bikini zombie killers. There's even footage of DOA The Movie! The Yakuza models are pretty hilarious as well. There's also nothing wrong with seeing bikini booth babes shake around with the Wii controllers.

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coolfool5846d ago

When I click on the link in the article I was just displayed a picture of a PS3 and it isn't even a recent picture!!! Does this work for anyone else or is it that I am being blind and the link is staring me in the face?