DICE had plans for BF3′s DLCs right from the start, Armored Kill to feature the biggest BF map

DSOGaming writes: "Remember when developers were creating their games with all of its content? Well, it seems that those days are long gone. Every game is now built with DLCs in mind and Battlefield 3 was no different. According to Inge Jøran Holberg, Operations team Producer Björn Johnsson approached some of DICE’s designers and asked them if they had any ideas for “Xpack 3”, the third expansion pack for Battlefield 3 that would follow up the infantry focused Close Quarters. In other words, Electronic Arts had already deployed its DLC plans for BF3 right when the game got released in October 2011."

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venom062286d ago

once again.. the best FPS in the genre craps all over CoD in everyway... DICE FTW!!