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Abash2386d ago

Why does it feel like everything is releasing in March?

PockyKing2386d ago

It feels like everything is releasing this winter/early spring next year...

WeskerChildReborned2386d ago

Yea, the only games i'm really looking forward to are MOH Warfighter, AC3, ZombiU, and possibly GTA V if it release this year. I am glad that early next year will be getting a good lineup of games though.

BitbyDeath2386d ago

Can't release big games at the end of the year cause thats when the new consoles will be out.

WeskerChildReborned2386d ago

Because another big game is releasing in March, God Of War Ascension.

Blaze9292386d ago

Maybe because this title doesnt have a number in it - but I don't know anything about this title nor do I seem to care. This IS a full game right? Only footage I've seen looks like it should just be Gears 3 DLC

nukeitall2385d ago

This is the largest change in terms of game play that I have seen Gears of War undergo. Even the art style and direction is markedly different.

I don't see how you can claim this DLC like?

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2386d ago
Saleem1012386d ago

The reason majority of games coming out spring is directly related to next gen systems coming out winter 2013... At e3 most games was giving a early 2013 release...

YodaCracker2386d ago

I absolutely cannot wait for this game! Microsoft must have something else big planned for the holiday then.

StrongMan2386d ago

Nope. They will realise they have nothing else and push it back to the holidays just like with Gears 3.

ChunkyLover532386d ago

Pretty sure a new console and the games releasing with it are exciting enough for people. Maybe when new consoles release you can take a break from trolling and actually give gaming a chance?

Qrphe2386d ago

GeoW, GoW and Soul Sacrifice all on the same month?

that's awesome :D