Adam Thinks:- Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Controversy's Adam Radcliffe shares his thoughts on the recently release Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut downloadable content.

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theWB272293d ago

Give it a fcking rest already. This is beyond ridiculous. Where's the embargo on the mass effect 3 debacle/extended cut/why I loved or hated it/bad for game developers/ BS. Write about something else. I'm pretty sure whatever you felt about it an article already exists about that feeling.

mightyles2293d ago

Did you even watch the video? Im surprised that anyone that had watched this funny little clip would react so negatively.

theWB272293d ago

The topic is so mundane now that it in itself makes it unfunny. No angle makes this topic worth submitting an article about it. This topic is N4G's version of ESPN and Tebow.

tom012552293d ago

People should actually have the decency to read/watch content before they comment on it, ptherwise they won't know what they're talking about.