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GotGame: Turn off the lights and prepare to be frightened.

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TheMrFraz2341d ago

Isn't it brilliant? There are few games that I can't point to a single change I would make for improvements, but this is one of them.

Ramon3MR2341d ago

Yeah seriously! I played the game in the afternoon and it scared the crap out of me. That it could get that kind of emotion from me without high-end graphics, a huge story or crazy presentation speaks volumes about how something so simple can still be special.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2341d ago

I am what you call a PS3 lover but like minecraft this game is a gem that cannot be found on my PS3, it utilize a technique that I have never seen done before in the history of gaming, asking the user run for his?her life while a mysterious man?thing chase you.

I hope the person who make this game get milllions of dollars and grow it into something huge like minecraft for the rest of us on earth.

Dark_Overlord2341d ago

Honestly I don't find this scary at all, but it is a good game :)

Ramon3MR2340d ago

I was surprised by how much it freaked me out. A few minutes into the game, I was like, "meh".

When it was over, I was like "holy sh*t"