Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories Preview

Ever since the original release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the PS2, the 1980s have become a wonderful stomping ground for gamers. If you have yet to still be convinced of this, Rockstar Games has gone on to prove it again in their prequel to GTA:VC on the PSP, obviously known as GTA: Vice City Stories.

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DEIx15x85855d ago

Why do they keep doing all of these dumb stories. Then they are going to release a waste version on real consoles. Why can't they just make an original game or port one of the real games to the PSP.

kmis875855d ago

They aren't porting VCS to ps2 this time, although they could change what they've been saying. LCS wasn't up to console gta standards but it was pretty good considering it was a portable game. I don't think a port would sell well on the psp. I kind of assume that most psp owners have a ps2 and they probably already have the games or something.

TheMART5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

Wel I had a PS2 but that one died.

What makes you think every PSP owner has a PS2 actually? It's a freaking handheld device. I don't own buy a PS3 because I have a Sony HDTV!?!?!

For real. I own an XBOX, the PS2 is catching dust in the closet with a broken down DVD drive after just one year or so, a 360 is also here, a Sony HDTV and I will buy a PSP soon.

I guess I am a bit of a graphic whore and that's why I don't buy a Nintendo DS, which I would buy for funny things like Brain Age. But well, that's the point for buying a Wii then also.

Don't asume to much, reality often is different