Harada on DLC, fan differences and his dream tag team partners

Destructoid: "Tekken producer Katsushiro Harada has been making headlines recently, partially due to his thoughts on whining fans of the series as well as the release of free Tekken Tag Tournament 2 character content. Though Street Fighter X Tekken caught a bad reputation upon release with its bugs and large amount of paid DLC, Harada is keen to show that has had no influence on Tag 2's release."

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Krimmson2288d ago

Katsuhiro Harada and Yoshihiro Ono vs Tomonobu Itagaki and Ed Boon. My God I love this man.

Gran Touring2288d ago

I really commend Harada on maintaining his stance on (against) DLC characters in fighting games, and I agree with him completely. It may be considered traditional by today's standards, but buying a full game for $60 is becoming more genuine that most would care to admit. I just wish he could have had more influence over project soul in SCV. That game could have been sooo much better.