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Alex Osborn from PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Kim Swift, one of the talented brains behind the mind-bending puzzler Portal, left Valve back in 2009 to work as lead designer on a title at Airtight Games. That game is Quantum Conundrum. So why do I bring up the fact that Swift worked on Portal? Because her latest title bears an undeniable resemblance to the iconic physics-based puzzler. When two products are so similar and one clearly serves as inspiration for the other, comparisons are bound to be made. I’ll do my best to judge this game on its own merits, but bear in mind that in a post-Portal world, the bar for this type of game is incredibly high."

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alexcosborn2291d ago

It's certainly a tough game to compete with.

t0mmyb0y2291d ago

Heck ya. Felt like a cross of Portal and the first Alice game.

dbjj120882291d ago

Worth checking out, certainly!

alexcosborn2291d ago

For sure. If you like quirky puzzles, then it'll be right up your alley.

LostTokens2291d ago

My roommate was just playing this last night, looks amusing!

alexcosborn2291d ago

It definitely has its moments :D

insertcoin2291d ago

I love how you can press a switch by using the books.

r212291d ago

this game is very enjoyable. its like a happier, giddy version of portal :D