Rezzed: PC Indie Game Show 2012 Report

D+PAD Magazine writes:

I often lament the fact that there aren't enough conventions in Brighton, be they for videogames, RPGs or comics. There used to be a bunch, but they seemed to dry up. Rock Paper Shotgun and Eurogamer have provided a solution in Rezzed.<!--more-->

As their first day of the two-day convention was on a Friday, when every sane bugger's at work, I missed that and instead did my normal job while suffering a migraine. Out of commission for Friday night, I woke up on Saturday, too late for the earliest of the panels. I dressed, then ran out to the Brighton Centre, unsure of what I'd experience. My only real convention experiences were the MCM Expo, where you can get ambushed by an eight foot Pikachu and consider that the sanest experience of the day.

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