NCAA Football 13 Gameplay Videos

Eric Galaviz of Vivid Gamer writes, "We’ve got some gameplay video of the just released NCAA Football 13. We’ve got two videos of a Michigan vs Ohio State game and two videos of the new Heisman Mode."

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ncstatefan9532348d ago

I love these games. Always get better with age too in my opinion.

TheLiztress2348d ago

While I normally don't enjoy sports on TV, I do like playing some football games. Each entry in the series does seem to get better and better.

MHenderson2348d ago

I don't know much about football; I was honestly and genuinely convinced before seeing this that football was the one with the checkered ball.

cedaridge2348d ago

I can't say i'm excied for this version (I have ncaa football12) but Madden 13? I cannot wait.