Haze still a PS3 exclusive despite delay

Confusion over Haze's exclusivity to the PlayStation 3 arose today following an announcement by Ubisoft that the game had been delayed and would not make its first quarter 2008 release.

Haze has been heavily rumoured to be heading to Xbox 360 in addition to PlayStation 3, and the lack of platform clarification in its latest press release caused the rumour mill to churn once again.

Speaking to today a Ubisoft rep has denied the game will be heading to any other platform, reaffirming that Haze remains a PlayStation 3 exclusive - when it will actually hit stores is still to be announced.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

they realized they HAVE to step it up a notch, to compete w/ RFOM2 and KZ2.

no matter what anyone says this delay is a good thing.

this game WILL be BETTER because of it.
it will LOOK and PLAY better.

and there`s LOTS to play in the next coming month on ps3.

the longer this title gets worked on, on ps3.

the LESS chance it has of going to 360, eventually.

lesferdinand4379d ago

I'm not sure whether a delay is a good thing TBH, doesn't exactly give you confidence in the management of the project...

But a delay that results in a good game is better than the early release of a bad game, that's for sure. And this is Free Radical after all, who have shown that they are capable of creating something special.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4379d ago

Timespliters was GREAT.
Golden eye was GOLDEN EYE!!!!!!

i think this game will turn out fine.

masterg4379d ago

@Anego Montoya FTMFW

You said exactly what I was going to say.
Haze was never a graphical beauty. But It's been so long since we last saw any videos of it. I'm sure it is looking so much better now.
A summer release would be the smart move (If they can make it). Last summer was so dry on both platforms.

ericnellie4379d ago

Just because a game is delayed a little bit doesn't mean it'll be a disaster=) This game will truly be worth the wait!! A little extra time to optimize and polish -- magnificent!!

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Shadowmania4379d ago

oh, this is an a good news

damnwrx4379d ago

Instead we get the broke back lies...........Well, I don't give a f**ck anymore, I just lost my interest and already cancelled my pre-order.Plus it is getting HAZY & HAZIER anyways.

Marceles4379d ago

I guess Ubisoft needs practice when it comes to PS3 development...we all know their history with the system so far

liquidsnake4379d ago

Couldn't agree more. The funny/sad part is that ubisoft is supposed to be good at creating games, but I just don't understand why they suck. I mean other developers seems to handle the Ps3 hardware pretty good.

Expy4379d ago

Ubisoft's reputation still won't be saved by this title. They're only publishing it, they have nothing to do with the actual development of the game for say. Free Radical is going to create this game, and if it's acclaimed well by the fans then all the credit to them and not Ubisoft. Ubisoft still sucks at Playstation 3 development.

Amagai Shuusuke4379d ago

Even though I would like to see it
exclusive, Ubi wants money and there
just as greedy as Activision & EA.

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The story is too old to be commented.