GTA 5 New Screenshots Analyisis – Secrets Revealed

NowGamer: Rockstar has quietly released the first screenshots for GTA 5 today. Let's take a closer look to see if they tell us anything about what to expect from the game.

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TimmyShire3393d ago

Interesting points, but it's kind of hard to really see what this screenshot tells us. Mostly speculative, I guess.

For me, at least it's clear these screenshots aren't fakes - look closely and you'll see a few jaggies and the like that weren't present on the clearly-running-on-a-PC trailer.

Still looks good though.

xPhearR3dx3393d ago

Why would they be fake? They came from Rockstar themselves.

TimmyShire3393d ago

Sorry, I meant that it's clear they're not bullshots or something. They're clearly taken from in-game.

jidery3393d ago

You do realize that the game is coming out on the PC and will look exactly like the trailer right?

GuyThatPlaysGames3392d ago

I hate these stupid articles with fanboy dreams and specualtions. "Oh look a helicopter, these must be in GTA 5 I'm guessing. What do you think?"

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kingduqc3393d ago

God all the jaggies, leafs that disappear and so bad draw disrance.

HammadTheBeast3393d ago

Yeah, just ignore the massive world and gameplay, lets just focus on leaves that disappear after 10-20 m.

tachy0n3393d ago

thats because it must be the console version...

BIGBOSS083393d ago

yea it must be, cause pc games are immune to technical issues.

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The story is too old to be commented.