Metal Gear Solid 4 Patch Includes Full Install Support

Kojima Productions has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4's upcoming patch will include not just Trophy support but full install functionality as well.

While the Trophy support was confirmed earlier, the wording at the official site suggested that the install functionality would be limited to the game's package re-release. This is not the case.

Select to give the game a full install, and you won't have to wait between chapters for data to be cached to your system's hard disc. This lengthy caching, which was accompanied by an image of Solid Snake smoking, was a major complaint by players.

The budget re-release that includes the new functionality by default will be released in early August. The patch for current owners will also be offered around this time.

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Batzi4101d ago

Awesome news this past 24-48 hours keep them coming!

Eyesoftheraven4101d ago

Steam Sale started, GTA 5 screens, MGS4 rejuvenated, BF4 DLC info, Red Dead 2, LA Noire 2 and Bully 2 hinted at.. hmm, what else?

Whitefeather4101d ago

I'd love the next piece of news to be that the patch is coming out this month. If it's the end of August that'll suck for me since I'll be moving and won't get much play time.

lonix4101d ago

Bet we dont get any bonus content though

Skateboard4101d ago

NIce, my favorite MGS game is going to get better.


PS3 exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 was once ‘running beautifully’ on Xbox 360

The game's assistant producer says the number of discs was an issue.

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darthv72107d ago

Obviously they would had to remove all references to bluray in the game had they actually proceeded to make this happen. Id bet it would be something like at least 3-4 discs though.

Flawlessmic107d ago

The most interesting thing to hear is that there was no exclusivity deal, which we all assumed there was.

It was simply Sony's forward thinking and tech that put them in the position where there console was the only one that could do it the way Konami wanted.

This gives me hope mgs 4 will definitely be a part of the volume 2 collection

GhostScholar107d ago

The fact that mgs 4 hasn’t been on ps4 or 5 is a real head scratcher. Seems like a really dumb move. Also if it was such forward tech on the ps3 why wasn’t it put out on ps4? Doesn’t makes sense.

CobraKai107d ago

Forward move at the time. Plus the PS3 exclusives arent the easiest to port and Konami, especially with the fallout of MGS’ creator, probably won’t invest the time and money on it.

They would also have to get rid of Apple products. The PS3 and PSP in the nomad. Rerecord the inside joke about swapping discs and mentioning the PS3.

TrueGamer79107d ago

MG4 is my personal favorite of the series. I’d def rebuy the remake to play the game again. I do wonder why they haven’t ported 4 to ps4 or ps5.

neomahi106d ago

@ Cobra Kai - I don't know, man, they've gone a while without making money since Kojima left, I think they're wanting to make money again and that's money, just not as might as they might think. They're better off letting Metal Gear lie in infamy and letting new aspiring developers that want to work on new games, like Silent Hill are their best bets

CobraKai106d ago

They were invested in pachinko and soccer. Konami used to be one of my favorite game companies, then they just didn’t care about video games.

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neutralgamer1992107d ago

Now that both Xbox and PlayStation use Blu-ray wouldn’t those jokes stay in and instead apply to Nintendo now

Computersaysno107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

MGS4 is about 32GB. Most of the big data files were merely uncompressed audio and high quality HD video used extensively in MGS4. The game used the space because it was available, not because it really needed to.

You could probably more than halve the space required settling for normal 360 compression codecs and say 720p compressed video files. Fit the whole game on two dual layer DVD discs.

Case in point was MGSV ended up only 25GB, despite that game having massively better visuals and big environments. Second case: FFXIII was 38GB on PS3 but only 18GB on X360, because compression.

I_am_Batman106d ago

The MGS franchise always had real-time cutscenes so those aren't compressible video files. The older games had some real-life video footage but they've stopped using these with MGS4, so I don't know what extensive usage of HD video you're talking about.

Computersaysno104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Actually Metal Gear Solid 4 had about thirteen minutes of of HD video at the very start of the game, but the point was the 7.1 soundtrack throughout was uncompressed. Eight channels. This was a massive chunk of the data on the disc. The game had 8 hours of cut scene audio alone. Plus music and dialogue codecs and everything else actually in game!

It wouldn't be very hard to compress all this down to far smaller file sizes with minimal quality loss. It certainly wasn't the visuals or texture assets that made the game file size 32GB! None of this was critical to the game actually working compressed and mixed for 6 channels which was far more common anyway.

I'm glad that I cleared that up for you.

sparky77107d ago

The good news from this means it should be possible to port to current gen consoles if they were able to get it to run without the CELL.

I do remember back then how everyone said it was only possible on the CELL reminds me of todays it's only possible on the PS5's SSD.

MrDead107d ago

A regurgitation of fanboy buzzwords with no understanding, context or meaning.

Aloymetal107d ago

That's their 20+ yrs side effects of sodium intake, delusions, hopes and dreams. also known as la la land syndrome...They all suffer from this.

RaidenBlack107d ago

Can't comment on the 'only possible on the CELL' part but if a game was made specifically utilizing CELL's complex architecture, then it was more difficult to port but not totally impossible.
Now if there exists a X360 port of MGS4, then it should be relatively feasible to port to x86 based systems.

SirBruce106d ago

PowerPC based CELL and Xbox 360 CPUs had little in common with x86.

KwietStorm_BLM107d ago

A smart person says a game made for the Cell makes it harder to port to other platforms. A sparky person says a game made for PS3 is only possible because of the Cell, or any other negative PlayStation derivative.

Magog107d ago

So porting it shouldn't be hard. A 360 is very similar to modern console and PC structure.

DeusFever107d ago

Xbox 360 is not similar to modern consoles. Xbox 360 ran on a multi-core PowerPC processor. Apple had to write Rosetta to make PowerPC apps run on Intel processors when they switched from PowerPC to Intel. It’s why Xbox 360 backwards compatibility is on a game-by-game basis. Funny enough, the Cell Processor is a custom PowerPC processor.

SirBruce106d ago

Remember that CELL was also PowerPC based arquitecture...

shadowknight203107d ago

As much as I would love to play mgs4 again, and I still hope to, I know playing it will bring back my old school Metal Gear Online days, and I miss that part of the game so, so much. 😢