Sony: PS3 to overtake Xbox 360 in PAL region by late summer

PS3 installed base in PAL territories will eclipse Microsoft's Xbox 360 by the end of the summer, Sony has claimed.

Speaking to trade magazine MCV David Reeves, President and CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has commented on when the team believes the PlayStation 3 will overtake the Xbox 360 in Europe and other PAL territories.

Words by:, Tom Orry - 24/01/2008

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Shadow Flare4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

Europe couldn't give a rat's ass about the ex-box 360. We all know ps3 is king

Thats a pretty powerful statement to make though. Which leads me to thinking, if he's so confident about the ps3 overtaking the radiator, then maybe something like a price-cut is heading this way soon. And if so, then yeah, the halobox is a mere fossil in europe. Im pretty sure sony will drop the price of the ps3 around the release of gta iv, because microsoft will probably be doing the same thing with the brick. But that also leads me to think that we'll recieve a good amount of the 2008 AAA titles before summer. The only one's i can think of at the mo are MGS4 and GT5: Prologue. I tell you what though, PS3 may kill the hairdryer in the summer but by the end of this year xbots brains will be red-ringing because they simply cannot take how much ownage the ps3 is handing to bookend.

SuicidalTendencies4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

It's easy to see why 52 people have you on ignore.

@Maddens: Says the guy with 62 ignores. Know why you two have so many ignores? It's because you spew nothing but sh!t on this site that nobody wants to read except for other fanboys. Maybe if you two actually discussed things without being fanboys people might not put you on ignore. As for your comment...I wouldn't expect anything less from a raiders fan.

Maddens Raiders4828d ago

2.1. Instead, you should live up to your namesake.

harpua4828d ago

"Instead, you should live up to your namesake."


CRIMS0N_W0LF4828d ago

Maddens 2.1 name is just a retarded american punk band which ain't punk.

Shadow Flare4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

geheez what's your beef? Ever heard of humour? I don't suppose you find abuse directed at the 360 that funny....probably because you have a 360. Im just messin, chill. Btw, id shut up if i were you, cos you know, you have like 7 ignores and 0 tracks, so...shows how much people care for your comments. At least 9 people track my comments. And fyi, most of my comments are sensible but occasionally i like to go off on one and say whatever the hell i want.

Lighten up you lunatic

SuicidalTendencies4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

ST's earlier music was punk, hardcore punk. They mixed a lot of metal and funk later in their careers and I'm not really sure about their newer stuff. I would have to listen to it.

@Shadow: Every time you mentioned the 360 you would call it a different name. "Halobox", "hairdryer", "brick", etc. That was the only thing I had against your comment. There was no reason to keep calling it names like a fanboy. It made your comment seem very childish. Then again, that seems to be the problem with this site. As for people ignoring me or tracking me I really could care less. I don't live on this site and comment everyday. I usually just visit to check on the gaming news submitted by the good people who use their time to look it up.

Shadow Flare4828d ago

"@Shadow: Every time you mentioned the 360 you would call it a different name. "Halobox", "hairdryer", "brick", etc. It made your comment seem very childish". You're chatting to me as if i actually care what some guy who loves an 80's band says. Um, i say those things cos i find it funny, i do it for a laugh, don't really care if anyone really hates it and its better then then the scripted comments we get day in day out. I barely comment here these days anyway, i just read the news. Take your beef somewhere else to someone who actually gives a damn and enjoy your day sir. Ta

liquidsnake4828d ago

Shadow Flare do have right thou. Ps3 is far more appreciated than xbox in EU.

SuicidalTendencies4828d ago

If you didn't care then why the hell did you ask me "what's my beef?". It's pretty sad that you find what you write amusing. Isn't that for other people to decide?

The Brave 14828d ago

Ps3 has not been out for a year in europe and its already about to takeover the 360.

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zambrota4828d ago

According to Reeves Sony expects "to overtake installed base of Xbox 360 across PAL territories in late summer." To add some weight to Sony's belief, Reeves added that "last week we outsold Xbox 360 in PAL territories by a ratio of 3:1."

Vg fix your numbers please

mighty_douche4828d ago

i can see where this thread is going....


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