Japan looks to step beyond HD

In a research laboratory in Japan, the country's public broadcaster is working on a successor to the familiar high-definition broadcast system.

NHK doesn't expect its Super Hi-Vision video format to make it to actual broadcast until 2025.

But with screens getting ever bigger and people demanding better quality pictures, it does believe it can have a future.

That future might not be the living room though.

-- BBC News, Thursday, 24 January 2008

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Meus Resistance4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

Great. After Sony replace Blu-ray with another propriety format for PS4. Sony will start development on yet another propriety format for PS5.

Lord Anubis4388d ago

I really don't want to wait a decade for the technology. Sometimes I think technology doesn't move fast enough.

Lord Anubis4388d ago

with that kind of resolution and the transition to nand technology I don't see myself downloading terabytes of data over fiber optics. Which would mean IPvX would have to improve dramatically for the decades ahead.