Game|Life's One and One: Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack

In One and One, Game|Life asks a member of the gaming industry two questions: one about gaming, and one about something completely random.

Denis Dyack is the founder and president of Silicon Knights, developers of one of the most memorable games for the GameCube, Eternal Darkness. The company's current project is Too Human, a futuristic 360 game with its roots in Norse mythology.

• How difficult is it to maintain his vision for a game after receiving negative feedback on an early preview or build? Is there ever a moment that he sits back and ask himself: "Are they right?" Or do you simply have to trust that your vision is correct and move forward?

• If, for some reason, he had to have an animal with him at all times, what kind of animal would he choose, and why?

Words by: Susan Arendt on January 23, 2008

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