Xbox Live Crashes Down Under!

At approximately 10:05pm ADST on Thursday the 24th January, Australians were disconnected from xbox live. One user reported watching 100 people on his friends list all slowly disappear. Other subscribers reported their MTU failing, although they were all still connected to the internet. There are also posts in forums coming in that it was not just restricted to people playing COD4...

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mikeslemonade4378d ago

Jump in and jump out is the new slogan.

marionz4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

at about 2.30am and was down about 15 mins, but damn was it running fast when it went back up, devil may cry was my fastest download ever

mighty_douche4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

This is a honest question before you jump on me.

My flatmate has been having problems with Live lately, here in the UK, is anyone else having issues? he cant join COD4 games, downloading takes an absolute age, or even getting stuck at say 75% etc etc

marinelife94378d ago

MS better get some more arcade games ready for free distribution.

Chug4378d ago

Yeah, hopefully something better than Undertow.

BigBoy20004378d ago

But why do people pay for this? All you're doing is lining Microsoft's greedy pockets with more money. Time and time again they make bank on inferior products because most people just don't know any better. Now I'll be the first to admit that the Playstation Network isn't without its flaws... but it's free. Sony doesn't try to screw their consumers.

eLiNeS4378d ago

The reason why we continue to pay for the XBL service is because we know what gem we have. If anyone was around for Crimson Skies, they know what I am talking about. There was no achievements back then, we had leaderboards, clans, rumble in our controllers, we had it all and loved every minute of it. That got us hooked and Live was never down. Now we have some of the best AAA games ever this gen on any console and know one is going to take that away from us!

Sure live is having a few problems of late but there growing with leaps and bounds, they will get it fixed and better then ever when they do.

Xbox Live FTW!!!

marionz4378d ago

good point, i love the games 360 offers butim not blind enough to candy coat these issues like some peopl do, we shouldnt be paying fore live simple as that, not with all the issues its still having, surely ms should know how to maintain there servers but no they just keep putting bandaids over the problem, fix the bloody service ms! and delaying silver members from downloading new demos and stuff just to spread the traffic out is nothing short of a kick in the teeth!

just fix the problem!

Scarfy4378d ago

Wow... A service that generates half a billion in annual revenue and they cannot keep it running smoothly? What's going on?!

In case anyone is wondering how I came up with the above number,

Microsoft recently said they have 11 million subscribers to Xbox Live.
Every subscription is at least $50 (in the UK it's more like $80)
$50 by 11 million is $550,000,000. That's over half a billion.

Clearly that money is not going on hardware.

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