GTA IV Dev Talks Delay, Violence And Whether There Will Be Another Hot Coffee

In exclusive chat, Rockstar Games' Jeronimo Barrera says game is about the immigrant experience and PS3 is partly to blame for delay.

GTA games haven't missed their announced release dates before. When the delay was announced in August, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told investors that "the reason it is being delayed is almost strictly technological problems - not problems, but challenges." Barrera offered a little more detail to MTV News this week: "It's really no surprise to anybody that the PS3 was definitely a contributing factor to that. Now, we're neck and neck. That's not an issue anymore. But back then that was something we were taking into account. That's not to say there's anything wrong with the PS3 version. It's awesome. They're both identical."

Barrera wouldn't talk about the game's multiplayer modes, its music or the planned downloadable bonus content for the Xbox 360 version. Much of the game just isn't being shown. He did shoot down the prospect of a free trial version of the game: "We usually don't do demo."

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PirateThom4377d ago

Turns out the PS3 was causing problems, that said, this game didn't even look remotely ready on any platform before Christmas, so a delay would have no doubt happened anyway and probably for the best too. It does seem to have a hell of a lot going for it.

Kleptic4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

this article makes it a little one-sided...I vividly remember the fallout of that interview back when the delay was announced...and in that same interview the lack of a standard HDD, and only having DVD9 to work with in the 360 was causing just as much of a hiccup...

interestly, this article doesn't point to that part of that interview...

EDIT @ Hugh...possibly...I never read that...I know this guy has been the victim of attempted rail-roading in several interviews from both the end is stressed that the biggest degree of difficulty they have faced was almost entirely because its the first huge game they have simultaneously developed on two platforms...

he went on adding that both systems have strengths and weaknesses...the PS3 has radically different hardware that is vastly different to squeeze...yet has plenty of media space and the luxury of a standard HDD for caching...the 360 on the other hand has familiar hardware and development tools, yet does not have the luxury of media space or a standard HDD...

back before the delay there were rumors of Rockstar approaching MS to allow them to make the game require a HDD (meaning it would only play on HDD equipped 360's)...and that they would be open to the idea of a bundle for 360 owners looking to get the game and the HDD simultaneously at a bargain price or something...and other devs have requested similar things...and MS said no way...

different interviews put emphasis on one system over the other being to blame for the thing is for sure though...if I was a 360 owner or fan for that matter, I would just feel lucky that I was getting it at the same time as a Playstation console in the first a PS3 owner, I could care less who caused the delay...or which system is inferior...there were plenty of great games back in GTAIVs original release window that it was hardly missed...

but people on a 360 campaign to say that the PS3 is holding everything back (not saying this is you, Hefner...just in general) is rather happy with what they have in the first place...if anything, its multiplatform development that caused the delay...and who paid big money for it being multiplatform in the first place?

Hugh Hefner4377d ago

I remember then mentioning early that the 360 issue (lack of standard HDD) wasn't a big deal anymore, but they kept their mouth shut on the PS3 issues. I guess the PS3 was giving them a significant degree of trouble.

AceLuby4377d ago

Bubbles for you. As an owner of both systems I just want the game to come out...

AngelOFDeath4377d ago

you are 100% correct of the one sidedness, because like MANY multiplatform games, they could have just released the 360 if the ps3 was the one that was causing the delays, no excuses the game was not ready to come out at all, so Barrera can suck on that

TheXgamerLive4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

There was however ps3 fans who continued to say that there was, but that was just throwing insilts and never a confirmed issue.

The problems with the ps3 is still a none issue b/c the game is up to snuff and will be coming out for all very very soon.

DLC will make the Xbox 360 the version to buy if you have a choice, however anyone should be stoked about getting this game, damn, I'm even still looking forward to playing Saints Row 2 very soon.

I'm moving in march and after that a 50" LCD is coming my way and I'll be ready for GTA IV:))


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ThaGeNeCySt4377d ago

game definately wasn't ready for October 07... even the latest trailer i seen had some framerate issues (unless the video capture was choppy)

anyhoo.. the games will be identical and will be releasing on April 29th (I hope)

so cheers

Antan4377d ago

At least they appear to be "neck and neck". The delay of course will of helped in further optimisations, extra features and general spit n polish. Gamers on both sides can be happy knowing the truth of why the initial delay, and of course that both versions are now on course. Now lets start talking about the game itself rather than the politics of the past 4 months or so. After the previews this week im quite looking forward to it now.

Meus Resistance4377d ago

Screw you Sony for making the most badly designed console in history.

sajj3164377d ago

you are truly sad. I guess for every id there has to be an ego.

It makes you wonder why they didn't release the 360 version first if they weren't 'neck and neck'? Truly the investors would have been happy to get this title out by Christmas. The truth is that although they were not 'neck and neck' at the end of last year, the game was no where near ready for release. Early demos given to game site editors like IGN supports my reasoning. It was a heap of framerate hell so it was NOT ready for October 07.

If the PS3 version had issues, so be it. I'm more concerned about getting a quality product that arguing over which version is better. Same thing applies to my stance on The OrangeBox and Assasin's Creed. I just want a quality product. If it means a delay, I'll wait. Just make it right.

Meus Resistance4377d ago

When Microsoft spent money to get exclusive content. Sony spent money to get a simultaneous release.

Yi-Long4377d ago

Honestly, that's the only thing I'm worried about: I want to play this game the way they intended us to play it.

I really REALLY hope they (Rock*, Goverments, watchdogs) arent gonna enforce censorship or whatever on this game. I wanna throw (digital)grenades under (digital)cars and into groups of (digital) people, to watch it all blow up. Yeah... that sounds juvenile, but it's usually also lots of FUN. :)
I cant wait to climb a tall building, grab my sniperrifle out, and zoom in on some guy 7 blocks away, and shoot him in the ankle, or zoom in on a tire, hit it, and watch it crash into people on the sidewalk. (again, all digital ofcourse :) )

I wanna see limbs fly, I wanna shoot heads off, I wanna set people on fire, I want big giant pools of blood whereever I roam the streets. (yeah... dig... you know by now...)

I want freedom and fun in my games, dammit. :)

sak5004377d ago

Try playing Soldier of fortune payback for these kind of things. Anyway, make it a freaking 30 rating but we want it uncensored.

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