GameSpy reviews No More Heroes - Part San Andreas, part Kill Bill

Whether it's assassinating a target named Destroyman or performing menial tasks to earn the entrance fee to kill Destroyman, No More Heroes is one of the most gleefully "WTF" experiences you'll have in gaming this year. How many games offer you shadowy agency figures named after porn stars, obsessions with masked pro wrestlers, and a violent weapon that borders on copyright infringement, all while "Heavenly Star" from Lumines II plays sporadically throughout the game's shopping locales? Its controls aren't always as solid as the visual and narrative experience, however; driving around Santa Destroy is a little clunky, and some of the mini-games get old fast. But the visual experience, zany storytelling and quirky moments make it more accessible than killer7 ever was, though it's certainly not a game for everyone. Grasshopper has crafted a game with merits that outweigh its flaws, and gamers with eccentric tastes should definitely check it out.

Score: 4/5

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wiizy4387d ago

bottom line. its a fun game.. hope more people pick it up so we can get a great sequel

MK_Red4387d ago

Great find and review.
I believe they are being a bit too harsh considering this is the first Wii game of it's kind and seriously, how could the GTA + Kill Bill earn anything less than a perfect score?

ALItheWISE4387d ago

thinking of picking this up today...