How Pandemic Lost the Battlefront Due to Conquest

The story of how the galaxy was robbed of the third installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series, and the Lord of the Rings game responsible for it.

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ChunkyLover532949d ago

Battlefront 3 is the new Duke Nukem. Every developer that was associated with the game has had bad luck, Pandemic and Free Radical both closed, and Slant Six laid off a ton of workers and made the awful Resident Evil Raccoon City, in fact some of the code from SWBF Online was in the game, so that could of ended up being SWBF Online. It makes me shutter.

I think LucasArts just doesn't like making money or selling millions of games. The fact that they put two Battlefront games out at the end of last generation, and yet haven't put out a single one in this extended generation is sickening.

guitarded772949d ago

Battlefield 3 is my most desired game for this gen, but after spending years on the LucasArts forums searching for every little clue with a select few, I finally gave up. I blame Darrell Rodriguez for the drama behind the game... and think that's why he got the boot from LA. Since he's been gone, LA has begun to focus on Star Wars again, and maybe we'll see a SWBF game yet. Until then, it's 1313.

dubt722948d ago

I would absolutely love a new Battlefront, but in all honesty the game I was most looking forward to won't happen anytime soon: Half-Life 3...

guitarded772948d ago

@ dubt72

Yeah, you and about a million others keep getting trolled by Valve. I'll admit, I'm not the biggest Half-Life fan, but I always like seeing a core community of gamers get what they've been waiting for. Sometimes I think Valve are scared to make HL3... like they're afraid it won't be as great as expectations. It's like the Guns n Roses Chinese Democracy album... fans waited over 10 years, then it sucked. I hope not, just sayin.

If LA can't make a SWBF to the standards of the Free Radical leaked footage, then they should hold off... but at least make a SWBF for the Vita to hold fans over until a proper console release.

Pandemic: I hated to see Pandemic go, they were not the best studio on earth, but they made fun games. I really enjoyed the Saboteur, even if it was repetitive. One of the most overlooked open world games of this console gen.

TekoIie2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

That LOTR game was awful. The issue here is Lucas arts since im still waiting for another rogue squadron and its becoming more and more obvious that THEY DONT KNOW what their own fans want when its so obvious to gamers.

Also wish games this gen was like last gen. I remember playing every game i bough for like 4 years and then MAYBE selling it. Its a little different with PC though since i own games which i bought from 2004. Now it tends to be a 1-3 year life cycle until a sequel comes out...

Fragger2k82949d ago

I actually really liked playing the Conquest demo online. I found it to be a lot of fun, and it was the Battlefront of this gen. I really wanted the game, but I never bought it because I knew it was going to have very few players playing online, even at launch, so it would have been pretty pointless to pick it up.

It's the same reason I've never bought either of the Section 8 games, or redeemed the copy of Prejudice I won for Steam (Still not sure what to do with it...).

No point in getting a game for the multiplayer when people won't be playing it. =\ People are too dang focused on playing the same exact game over, and over, and over again. *cough* CoD *cough*.

I definitely want to see Battlefront 3, but it's almost too late to have it now. I think, if we do see it, I would prefer it to be released at launch next gen. That way there will actually be a decent amount of people playing online (Unless a damn CoD is released at/around launch..).

pixelsword2948d ago

Conquest was good, but unpolished. It has a very good fighting base, but it was so rough around the corners that it would piss you off as much as it entertained you.

Why they didn't put 100 people in the console's multiplayer like they did the PC version was the main reason why it failed on consoles.

I loved the multiplayer level Minas Tirith the most.

Nodoze2949d ago

Lucasarts is dead. They are a shadow of what they used to be. They have gone stale and to the points others have made, they have NO IDEA what their customers want.

If they do, then (like Square Enix) they are working hard to not deliver what is being asked for.

Getowned2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Agreed, Lucas arts might as well go under. George Lucas has no idea whats going on anymore and is being a total D-bag. Really I think they should hand over Starwars to people who are actually doing good work in the starwars universe. Not only has Battlefron 3 been slamed but countlesss great books that could of been..all because George Lucas decided to change the universe of starwars. Down with George Lucas!!!!

tunaks12949d ago

How did a discussion of battlefront 3 end up with complaining of George Lucas, do you really think he hands pick the games lucas arts makes?

another thing, the article was bloated and poorly written. The big reveal in the article was that Battlefield 3 was hurt by Conquest's failure, thats not new info.....and this article knows it so it pads it enough for us to flip threw 3 pages and look at ads.

Getowned2948d ago

Because George Lucas and Lucas Arts are destorying star wars, and as a big fan of starwars this concerns me.

"How did a discussion of battlefront 3 end up with complaining of George Lucas"

so why can't we talk about george lucas in a article about Starwars,Lucas arts, and Dev team who use to make Starwars games before they went under ?....So if im clear I can't talk about the Creator of starwars in a article about a star wars games...yeah ok

You make it seem like im bringing up Halo in a uncharted only thread or something.

"Poised to realize GEORGE LUCAS' vision of the potential for video games as an interactive medium"-From the Lucas Arts website

The fact is George Lucas and Lucas Arts have no idea what they're doing anymore. I have High Hopes but they seems to be going way downhill at light speen in the The Millenium Falcon. George Lucas has publicly said he dosn't care anymore and that Starwars is dead. Geroge Lucas even said him self that the Fans of starwars killed starwars.

ScubbaSteve2949d ago

I'm trying the reverse psychology approach. In regards to Lucasarts I just pretend a new X-wing or Tie Fighter game would be the worst thing they could ever make. However, with SE I just keep saying I want them to continue making nothing... oh how I love nothing.

titans99992949d ago

RIP Battlefront...I will just keep playing the other 2 games for life....

coolasj2949d ago

I'm more sad there won't be anymore Mercenaries games. They really did make some genuinely fun open-world games.

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