1UP Previews: GTA IV

1UP writes:

"It's an unfortunate fact that not all games are created equal. It's unfortunate for the competition, primarily, because the upcoming successor to the long-running Grand Theft Auto series -- the late-blooming crime franchise that single-handedly spawned the 'sandbox' generation with its now-famous third installment -- will arrive as one of the most-anticipated games of all time."

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THAMMER14379d ago

I cannot wait to go pick my collectors addition. That exclusive XBOX360 DLC is about going to be awesome too.

predator4379d ago

yeah the delay did help this alot, and by what rockstar are saying it seems almost complete so it may be end of feb beginning of march we might see this.

I have read some really good previews of this in the last couple of days and it just keeps looking and sounding much much better.


vloeistof4379d ago

is there a release date yet ??

predator4379d ago

yes...i just approved it....APRIL 29th!!!!!!!!

predator4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

sorry double post.

Chris_GTR14379d ago

i think its gonna get dalayed again .. :(
if the game were to come out in april dont u think they wouldve anounced it??? i mean..that be in 2-3 months from now.. seeing as how they havent showed anything at all on the ps3 version is defenetly bad news..a game as big as this is defenetly not gonna have multiple release dates so i anticipate that ps3 version will get delayed so they will delay em both for multi release. wich sucks.

forcefullpower4379d ago

Get you facts right 360 is not DLC Exclusive.

360 will have new missions and Episodes.
PS3 will get new map areas to explore with missions.

Chris_GTR14379d ago

damn retard. learn how to read.

"That exclusive XBOX360 DLC is about going to be awesome too."

theres 2 exclusive downloadable expansion packs coming to 360. that dosent mean that ALL theyll make. obviously theyll both share some downloadable stuff. but the 2 packs are exclusive