Why the PS3 still isn't hacked

"Why isn't the PS3 broken already?" We hear this every day. Someone somewhere thinks they can write a better media player with HD support. A guy wants to release his game but needs the RSX for the amazing graphics it can generate. Why can't we just tear open the PS3 solder a few wires and be done with it? The answer is both simpler and more complicated than you might expect.

The PSP, the Wii, even the Xbox 360 have all been hacked and can run homebrew applications so everybody thinks "the PS3 should be just as easy." The PS3 in some ways is as easy, in fact easier. No other console let you install Linux and run anything you want to. Sure Linux on the PS3 is great. You can write your own code and use it. You have the largest collection of applications anywhere (thats right, WAY more than Windows). It's all free (or at a very low cost).

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bOOmStiCK4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

I wanna set something straight. I heard from a Dutch guy that he got his PS3 hacked and operational. He can download every game (don't ask me where cuz i can't find any) and play it on his PS3. I call bullshit. So what's the true story is there really no way to hack a PS3?

Maddens Raiders4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

Marty? :P

edit:/ @ boomstick. Dude, you must be new here -- it was a joke. the Mart aka Marty, is a bleeding heart Xbox fanboy that has the name, theMart @

Anyway, I highly doubt that this guy you speak of has done that.

bOOmStiCK4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

No clue... who that guys is. I heard it via someone else. He told me that his kids could play any game they want on their PS3. I think those kids just bought a lot of sh*t with his credit card on the PSN or they stole the games from the shop saying that they 'hacked' the PS3. lol

edit: I know you were talking about THE Mart ;) just elaborating on who the dutch guys is and the situation ;)

gamesR4fun4379d ago

no one can run burnt games yet

Personally the only thing Id use a ps3 hack for is unleashing its full power under linux.

gamesR4fun4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

double post

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bOOmStiCK4379d ago

Even als Belg... F*cking Hollanders en hun gezever. LOL

Maddens Raiders4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

Smarter. Faster.


kewlkat0074379d ago

I'm sure sony has gone great lengths to keep the secrets under the hood form being released but in due time. Just like the PSP. Have there been any console that was not hacked in some way? With the open OS on the PS3, time is on Hackers sides, if the PS3 will be around for 10 years.

Don't worry the PS3 will be a full grown beast once hacked.

TO the article I think getting access to the RSX is vital.

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