Wii forced PS3 price-drop, say analysts

Analysts across the globe are coming forward to state that Sony's 20GB PlayStation 3 price-drop in Japan has more to do with the might of the Wii than it does the threat of the Xbox 360.

Senior analyst for consumer electronics at Isuppli, Chris Crotty, has said he believes that Sony is scared of the Wii's potential - "I am wondering if this announcement has more to do with Wii and how strong the console will be in Japan. If you look at the controller and some of the content you see some unique features and it is much easier to develop content for the Wii than the PS3," Crotty said.

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zypher5843d ago

well duh. what analysts call worrying most normal people would call competing.

specialguest5842d ago

because of competition, prices are cut and companies with try to out do each other. at the end, the consumers usually win.

DEIx15x85842d ago

The Wii blows the PS3 out of the water in Japan. If you don't believe me look at what people are searching for in Japan: The Wii wins the 360 is second and the PS3 is barely visible.

PS360WII5842d ago

Because no one else did. Come on it's Nintendo! How could you not like em so many great games and so trying to find what's fun in the gaming world and always trying something new. Boo-ya!

The BS Police5842d ago

Seriously I don't play Kiddie games anymore, sure Mario and Pokemon were fun to play years ago, but games like Goldeneye, and Perfect dark helped me grow out of those games.

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The story is too old to be commented.