80° Top 10: Great copycat games

Lack of originality is often cited by jaded gamers as the reason modern games fail to excite them, but copying an idea isn't always a bad thing. Many of the best games ever made have taken elements from others and would rather have good 'copied' games than rubbish original ones. With this in mind, they've put together their Top 10: Great copycat games. So who's been cribbing from who?

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Joey Gladstone4384d ago

he had the nerve to call Forza Motorsport 2 "the best sim racer of all time" ...........Gran Turismo trumps it in every way imaginable.......
.."The JOEY has Spoken"

Killjoy30004384d ago

lol ya know whats funny?
the writer doesnt mention how gt5 is gonna come out of nowhere and slaughter every racer ever made.
thats the funny part.

BrianC62344384d ago

Why does everyone keep saying Naughty Dog took things from Gears of War? They didn't. They were working on Uncharted while Gears of War was being made. Just because Uncharted came out a year later doesn't mean Naughty Dog copied Gears of War. The only thing that is the same is you can hide and shoot around corners but Gears of War wasn't even the first game to do that. This is just lazy writing.

kapedkrusader4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

If I'm not wrong, Rockstar was created by the same people that made Guitar Hero 1 and 2. If anything I'd call Rockband the TRUE sequel to the series and Guitar Hero 3 a copycat. Either way,it's an insult to the creators to call it a copycat.

skitzoid4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

needs to look for another job. This guy is a complete joke and hack as a game reviewer / critic.

Brilliant visuals and Forza (1 or 2) should not be mentioned in the same article, EVER. Forza is one of the best racers I have ever played but this is the first time I have ever heard a person, other than a fanboy trying to stir up nonsense / lie his/her @zz off, say that Forza has anything but just good or even great visuals.

Brilliant visuals? Ah no.

If anything, this was one of the gripes of most reviewers, the graphics. This guy is an obvious fanboy that needs to put down the pencil / keyboard and maybe he can become a copy boy for a tabloid somewhere.

Oh and BTW I have logged over 100 hours of play time on Forza 2. I'm not some fanboy but I cant believe how obvious it is that some of these so called "game" critics are fanboys.

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