Valve counters EA's Steam sales "cheapen intellectual property" accusation

Valve has countered EA's accusation that Steam sales "cheapen" intellectual property, saying they in fact benefit games, publishers and gamers.

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Dark_Overlord4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

Just like they spew crap about Activision, they (EA) hate being 2nd/3rd etc place and so will say anything to make themselves seem better, funnily enough they fail repeatedly.

zeal0us4101d ago

I would have ask Valve what did they think about Origin having that sale a few weeks ago?


Steam'll let you know if a game supports DualSense or DualShock from October

Valve's never-ending tinkering with Steam will soon see support for PlayStation's DualSense and DualShock controllers bought to the fore, their compatibility set to be clearly listed on store and library pages starting this October.

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Dandizzle26d ago

nice, dual sense when it is fully supported is my favorite controller experience

1nsomniac26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Do you still need it wired on PC to get full functionality?

Haven’t tried it since it debuted in Metro.

shinoff218326d ago

When I was playing atom rpg on steam I just used my ps4 controller through blu tooth and it work pretty good.


Visual Novel "Destiny Star Girlfriend" coming to the west in 2023

Shiravune has announced that it will release Destiny Star Girlfriend, an adult-themed visual novel developed by mirai. The game will come to Steam and Johren still in 2023!

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Black Myth Wukong Steam and Epic Games Store Pages Now Live, New Screenshots, Descriptions Revealed

The Black Myth Wukong Steam and Epic Games Store pages are now up, bringing with it new screenshots and official details for the game.