Japanese Wii owners snubbing Wii software reports: "According to figures released today by Nintendo, worldwide sales of the Wii as of December 31, 2007 reached 20.13 million units. Wii Software sales reached 113 million units showing an attach rate of 5.6.

5.6 games per console purchased is quite healthy, but this isn't the story across all territories. In the Americas the attach rate is even higher at approximately 6.9, in Europe and other territories the figure is closer to 5.6, but it's in Japan where software sales are struggling.

Although approximately five million Wii consoles have been sold in Japan only 16.8 million software units have been snapped up by Wii owners, giving an attach rate of only 3.4."

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wiizy4380d ago

lol. snubbing wii software how.. there are a couple wii games that sold 50 per cent of the wii install base... and they reported how many sold millions..

HardcoreGamer4380d ago

have to be the 3 of these which are sold in that list (im just wondering wether to include the wii sports pack?
++ zelda
++ mario galaxy
++ red steel

i be honest with you im not into red steel , me and my friends got bored very quickly

Yi-Long4380d ago

It could be because of a: the small houses, so those guys are less likely to go swinging gadgets in their livingroom, let alone the bedroom.
b: I doubt many japanese really have groups of friends over, to all play videogames with eachother around a TV, taking turns etc, like we are used to, in the west. Yeah, that were a lot of commas.

The problem with the Wii is that it mostly has 'Party' and 'activity' games, while I think many Japanese would just prefer a game they can play on their own and experience an 'adventure' with. Zelda and Mario should be selling well, in Japan... but let's be honest, the Wii doesnt really have a lot of must-have titles. 4, maybe 5?

They should create Shenmue 3 for the Wii, and use that open world to make use of the Wii-mote, without it becoming a 'party-game' or whatever.

HardcoreGamer4380d ago

nice comment, shenmue 3,, way to rock, but fortunatley its coming to 360 and not the wii, i would hate that if it came to the wii

bootsielon4380d ago

Either the Wii is too cheap, or the Wii owners have no taste. Other than Zelda, Mario and Metroid, there's mostly garbage... Japanese are rightfully snubbing Wii Software. There's really nothing!

Kholinar4379d ago

Pffft... there's lots of good software. Maybe not that you're interested in, but plenty for most Wii owners.

You figure most have Wii Play (not very good) and Wii Sports (which is a great game in a group), then Mario, ZElda and Metroid like you mentioned. Then there's Zack and Wiki, Warioware, most families buy MarioParty, Resident Evil IV, the EA football game they released (which a lot of people liked), and that's just games that will appeal to most wii owners/families. There are more that cater to specific gaming likes, which will make up a couple titles in most people's library.

Also, in any attach rate figure, you've got to know that a significant amount (even on the 360) is going to be made up of crappy games. A lot of crappy games sell really well initially (Spiderman 3, for one)...

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The story is too old to be commented.