Far Cry 2 looking better than Crysis?

CVG writes: "Yesterday our jaws were left stuck to the floor after watching the Far Cry 2 tech demo showing off the incredible capabilities of the engine. Today, we've been granted five new screens. Better-looking than Crysis? Take a look at those shots and decide for yourself.

It also begs the question of course, what kind of PC hardware will you require to get the game running at that level of detail? But then it is coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 too, which Ubisoft confirmed at the start of the year.

Should you have missed yesterday's tech demo trailer, you can find that here. You'd be mad to miss it."

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CNIVEK4380d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

When you consider this game will be a CONSISTENT jaw-dropper, whether played on PS3 or 360, it trounces the overblown spend-$2000-if-you-want-to-pla y-the-real-deal Crysis. In fact, this time around, the console version of a Far Cry game will sell better, AND look better than the PC version...and with ZERO GUESSWORK. Buy the game, pop it in, and you're playing within a few spec-checking, hardware updating, tweaking, or installion needed.

pointystick4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

Go on I'll bite. I suppose this comment has come from experience, you've seen both the console and pc versions to tell which looks and plays better?

I'll stick with the PC version myself... Buy the game (at half the price of the console versions), pop it in, couple of minutes after install I'll be playing at higher frame rates, higher resolutions, less loading times and better controls suited to an FPS. Then if need be I can tweak and mod the game to make it better rather than having to lump whatever the developer gives me.

Looking at the screenshots however the game still doesnt look as realistic as Crysis but still impressive all the same.

Sexius Maximus4379d ago

That may all be true, but I personally prefer playing games in my LazyBoy rather then a desk chair. Also, I guarantee that no PC speaker setup can touch my surround sound. But what you say about the game IS true, I just like my console setup better. I suppose I could hook my PC up to the tele through VGA though.

Amnesiac4379d ago

Yeah, it will look better on a CONSOLE.

Kleptic4379d ago

well...I guess we have to see it in motion to see what they are talking about...

judging by those screens, save maybe the burning tree, they didn't look half as realistic as Crysis...maybe that is the point though, this has a softer look to crysis' near photo realistic recreation of the jungle...

but mountains in the background have little detail, the lighting seems way more bloomy, and the single jungle shot looks like its layered in plastic...

again...need to see it in motion...but even then, it has to have levels of interactivity that completely match Crysis to even be considered as "better"...I don't think its going to happen...

1st game this year I think to top Crysis pretty much overall will be Battlefield: BC...that is the only thing that has more interactivity, and even more realistic blow-holes-in-buildings going in, they actually get blown into rubble...rather than 15 peices of ply-wood and sheet metal falling over...

mighty_douche4379d ago

Far Cry 2 looking better than Crysis? lol... not a chance, FC2 looks great, but Crysis maxed out is god-like.

Meus Renaissance4379d ago

Whats the point of creating these games if hardly anyone will upgrade their computers to play the game? I don't understand. Crysis' sales are quite surprising considering the hype around the game, but once you realise how difficult it is to actually play the game on even a new PC, you wonder who in the Finance Department approved these projects for these developers?

Far Cry 2 PC sales will be even worst if this game looks better than Crysis, ironic I know.

BloodySinner4379d ago

... but the console sales will be much better.

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The story is too old to be commented.