Diablo III is the Worst Game Ever Made

Slash Gear writes: I have played Diablo III for dozens of hours. I have beaten the normal difficulty level with one of my “Heroes,” and I have made solid progress with a variety of characters representing each class. I came to the new sequel already a fan. I played through and beat Diablo II perhaps a dozen times, at nearly every difficulty level with every type of character. But now I’m done. I’m moving on. It finally hit me: Diablo III is the worst game I’ve ever played, for hours and hours and hours.

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Kran2289d ago

Uhhhh what? I wouldn't say that.

There are MUCH MUCH MUCHHHHHH worse games.

You wouldn't believe it.

Army_of_Darkness2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Like battleship... Or any movie based game for that matter.

lonesoul652289d ago

no doubt...kinda shoots himself in the face in the title on this one huh?

Xof2289d ago

Holy hyperbole, batman!

Diablo 3 is a great game. If you disagree, congratulations: you wouldn't know a good game if it smacked you in the face.

The only thing about it that sucks is the delivery mechanism... which is about as valid a thing to criticize a game for as platform.

And... wait a minute.

Why am I wasting my time commenting on such inane, moronic hitbaiting drivel?

REMEMBER, fellow N4G users, if you click on the website name under "Read full story," you can rate the idiotic crap posted.

killerhog2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

No what sucks about d3 for me is:
8 player co-op reduced to 4
No single player
Can't customize stats
Finding items is more of a chore and less fun
No PvP
Story is average at best
Rune system changed (less customization)

Why d3 sucked for a lot of people in general:
Servers being down most of the time
D3 cartoony style
No mod support (even offline and I believe there's no open bnet as well)

Sorry but d3 is garbage

Shadowstar2289d ago

Garbage is a bit much. I generally agree with your points. It's crap for Blizzard, but had it been any other company, it'd just have been another one of those lackluster common titles.

Psychotica2289d ago

It's not even close to being the worst game ever. Could of been a lot better of course, but it's not like it's unplayable.

Stretch2289d ago

If a game is unplayable then it's not a game and shouldn't be judged as good or bad.

That's like saying silence is bad music.

Kran2289d ago

Silence is no music.

........ *inception music*

h311rais3r2289d ago

Didn't realize over 80 hours of fun was a bad thing..huh.....

Mikefizzled2289d ago

Hit hunting titles for the bad 'journalists'

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