IGN The Best Video games of 2012 so far

IGN Best of 2012 so far

Abash4091d ago

Agree with Starhawk being on that list, an amazing multiplayer experience

xursz4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Starhawk <3

I'm actually playing it now, to be honest.

*Launches Spawn-Pod and hits Mech*


NastyLeftHook04091d ago

starhawk, journey, twisted metal, super stardust. wow alot of exclusives.

StrongMan4091d ago

And the highest rated exclusive, Journey (92). Only Sony can deliver quantity AND quality.

mewhy324090d ago

With all the talent that is in the industry right now I have to strongly disagree with Sony being the only developer that can deliver quality games. Strongly. You're saying that Epic,Bethesda,Id,Bungie,Capcom ,RockStar,Infinity Ward,EA,and the like can't deliver quality games? WOW. Journey was a great game, that's for sure, and Sony does have awesome exclusive products but they're not the only developers that deliver epic gaming experiences. Not by a long shot. You need to get out more.

Shane Kim4090d ago

Highest rated game this gen is Uncharted 2. So I would say Sony :)

OmniSlashPT4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

mewhy32 @

Sony are not developers. They're publishers. Developers are thatgamecompany, Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Santa Monica Studios, etc... They're all 1st party studios owned by Sony.

Sony really has invested in their 1st party studios. Watching companies like ND growing from Crash to TLOU is just astonishing.

And it's incredible how many new IP's Sony has delivered this gen (Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Motostorm, LBP, Resistance, Warhawk/Starhawk, etc...). And don't forget the bunch of exclusives coming soon!

Relientk774091d ago

Diablo III and Tales of Graces f for me

Sanquine904091d ago

Agree .

OT: 3 Vita games on top! Mutant blobs attack from space , Super stardust delta ( Fucking awesome...) I only miss gravity rush!

rajman4091d ago

I'd have Asura's Wrath on that list, the game was good but it became even better with the DLC episodes, shame that we had to pay for them though, and if they release an Asura's Wrath GOTY edition with all the DLC's then I think it definetely should be in that list. The final episode is one of the best endings I've seen in a long time, Im talking about this:

MoveTheGlow4090d ago

I've yet to play the full version, but the demo blew me away. As a classical fan, hearing Dvorak 9 as a giant sword stabbed through the entire planet was awesome!

I'd add Legend of Grimrock too, but that's a little obscure *dons hipster glasses*