Gamers Applaud PlayStation 3

Would-be buyers queue up to try new titles on Sony's long-awaited console at Tokyo Game Show.

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LostSoul5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

That was after heavy drinking/drug abuse and daritefeacherz gave the gamers head!!!

Marty83705849d ago

Sony stole the show at TGS.

kingboy5849d ago

lol! november is not far..when that bad boy launch`s we gonna see who`s the boss.they beeter start preparing death certificates like saturn,dreamcast, x marks the spot, 36 what..!

RuffRyder5849d ago

Seriously you and ps3 fan couldnt sound more stupid if you tried well maybe ps3 fan could.
but i didnt see or heard anything interesting about the ps3, so please fill me in???

LostSoul5849d ago

Sony's buttboys have a 360 hatin fanclub. Now its time to introduce "PS3 GrillMasters CookOff Club" LOL That sh!t is [email protected]

Marriot VP5849d ago

less than a month and a half till launch and they are still making hardware adjustments. I think you should be nervous.

andy capps5848d ago

I highly doubt that the hardware adjustment was made at TGS. They probably made it long ago, but didn't announce it until TGS, which was the best time for them as it is their home crowd and a huge gaming conference. Denying that Sony stole the show at TGS is odd, but Microsoft didn't have a bad show. The RPG's that they introduced may help some, but I still don't think it will sway more than it has in the past year. They released in Japan with too few games, that's the moral of the story. That and Japan just doesn't like Microsoft as far as video games goes.

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Donkey Slayer5849d ago

of course, only non-gamers wouldn't after all the amazing software that was shown.

ElementX5849d ago

I've stated it before, i'm not opposed to PS3, but I'm not going to run and buy one, especially after the TGS showing. I'm not paying $600 for a space heater.

Bhai5849d ago'll be getting the 499$ version instead, right !

calderra5849d ago

Kutaragi's keynote enraged people due to its boredom (and don't say keynotes aren't fun- check out Sony's keynote last year for instant rebuttal, or Microsoft's keynote this year).

We now have proof that there's nothing on PS3 that 360 can't do. See Lost Oddyssey's hundreds of characters onscreen and a massive battlefield transitioned between cinema and gameplay flawlessly compared to FF13 in Sony's camp (with a smaller room, fewer characters, but better "graphics" because of the more sparse environment).

This was Sony's time to steal the spotlight... and the real breakout story was the 90+ minute line for Blue Dragon. And Microsoft is only warming up with X06 around the corner.

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The story is too old to be commented.