Grand Theft Auto IV - Polished and Prepped for a Spring Release

Rockstar's golden hooker, Grand Theft Auto, was supposed to return last October in the much anticipated fourth installment… wait, sixth installment? Eighth? Okay, let's just say Grand Theft Auto IV and move on.

October came and went, and obviously the game was not released - if it were, you'd be playing it right now instead of just reading about it. All that's about to change very soon.

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Twizlex4378d ago

Wow, that's a lot closer than I realized. Hopefully they reveal the multiplayer aspect soon. I'm really interested to know what that's all about.

Twizlex4378d ago

Wow, what's with the disagrees? What's there to disagree about? Nobody's interested in the multiplayer?

dale14378d ago

is it two discs for the 360

Adamalicious4378d ago

Did you actual read that somewhere? It seems unlikely given the sandbox nature of the game. Cross a bridge - "Please insert Disc 2" - that's not gonna fly.

m91058264378d ago

I don't think so, I remember reading somewhere (I think it was Game Developer Magazine) that if they couldn't fit it on one, they'd slash texture size and reuse more than they had planned to make them all fit. *sigh* I hate DVDs...

vloeistof4378d ago

yeah whoo.

now if ff xiii makes it this year this will be a dope gaming year for my console of choice

killerbar7184378d ago

gta 4


mindedone4378d ago

How much space does the world take up, in comparison to the fmv, music, and such?

killerbar7184378d ago

wow thats sucks u going to be playing the game for like 5 min and went u get in to car "Please insert Disc 2" lololol.


bloop4378d ago

Dude, I'd be very surprised if the Liberty City area is any bigger than the Cities/Kingdom in Assassins Creed, and that all fit on one disc.

mindedone4378d ago

I don't have a 360, but I don't understand the issue with multiple disks. The city itself wouldn't be set across multiple disks, but the missions, and more importantly, the cut scenes and dialogue. These two areas are usually what take up the most room, and they obviously will not need to be revisited.

m91058264378d ago

Unfortunately that's not the way sandbox games work. Missions themselves take up very little room on the disc. It's the actual world that takes up all of the room, and having to switch between islands would not fly with me.

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