In-game XMB? Sort of...Burnout Paradise brings the friends list in-game writes:

First of all for those of you who will doubt this; yes, the photo is 100% legitimate, not a "no-name source" sort of deal.

You can check for yourself if you own Burnout Paradise. Simply pause the game at any point, select the "Paradise City Online" menu, and press Triangle. Bam, there's your friends list, just as you remember it from the XMB. You can send and receive messages, change your comment, add, block, remove... anything you could normally find listed under the Friends icon can be found here. Although a few other titles have allowed messaging from certain menus, this is the first time it's been available during gameplay.

While this isn't exactly the full implementation that we've all been waiting for Sony to bring us, it's certainly a step in the right direction, and closer than we've come from a non-PSN title to in-game XMB yet.

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toughNAME4383d ago

I hope your listening Sony

Iron Man 24383d ago

For once I agree with you;)

gamesR4fun4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Had to hit show after I saw kermit5 agreeing

Wonder why they didnt throw in music 2?

@BrianC6234 thx for the info m8

MJY2K4383d ago

Didn't Sony say it's up to the developers to put this sort of stuff in?

Kleptic4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

I am confused...

tons of PS3 games have your friend list available in game...hell even FEAR had that, which was a terrible half-assed port...

its in game messaging that people are looking for...and a unified invite system (a lot of games have invites, but they don't make one bit of sense in some cases...and as of now none of them are across different games except for Tekken 5) well as the music stuff...

the biggest thing is that this stuff is already obviously implemented...its just not unified for some can see messages pop up from the notification bubbles during gameplay...its just you can't read it or reply to it...why not?...this "coming soon" stance is 100% BS on Sony's was supposed to be here from the beginning, and they never once bothered debunking any of the FW 2.00 rumors that claimed it would have it...

as far as I am concerned this should be the very first thing they are addressing...I don't know yet how much this has to do with Home...but get both of those things finished first and foremost...I am going on a year with the system, and own pretty much every worthwhile online game the system has...tired of this lack of messaging features; is an understatement...

EDIT: n/m, saw the its the actual xmb list...not just names from that list in its own give us unified messaging...

BrianC62344383d ago

"Wonder why they didnt throw in music 2?"

I'm listening to Criterion's latest podcast right now and they talked about why no music off the PS3 hard drive. One guy said you can't do it on the PS3 but another guy said that isn't true. They can do it. They're looking into it. I guess the real problem is Sony hasn't made it easy for developers to do it. They need new software libraries I guess to make these features a lot easier.

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Relin4383d ago

"... closer than we've come from a non-PSN title to in-game XMB yet."

Sounds like someone hasn't played Resistance.

Korosuke4383d ago

and as far as I know, skate. has same function, too.

Yaster4383d ago

Resistance dosen't totally offer in game XMB, you can only access it at one point after loading the disc and thats in the online menu, you can't access it in single player or while you're in a party, private room or in multiplayer action. If you're hosting a party and you get an XMB message you'll have to disband your party to read that message.

Skate's FL isn't XMB, you CAN send messages with it but I don't know if they come up as XMB messages. UT3 is like that too.

Singstar offers in game XMB at all moments apart from when you're "performing"

mccomber4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Like Yaster said, Resistance doesn't offer an actual ingame xmb. You can't stop in the middle of the game, online or off, and send and receive messages from your friends. Skate doesn't offer it this way either, but it did offer messaging to friends via a T-mobile sort of device.

DrPirate4383d ago

For anyone that knows... It said it supports all the features of the friends list. Even audio chat?

mccomber4383d ago

Now that you bring it up that option is missing, although the game itself does support it through the online portions when you are Freeburning with friends.

Jeremy Gerard4383d ago ShowReplies(2)
Bathyj4383d ago

If its such a big deal and everyone wants it so much, why dont devs put it in? It cant be that hard. And yes I know, Sony should do it and make it standard but, in the meantime, how bout it.

PS, is there in game music cos this is the sort of game where it would really suit it.

mighty_douche4383d ago

well it all comes down to free moemory i guess, if the developers can spare some then cool, impliment it, but im not sure games like KillZone/MGS have a mhz to spare.

Sonys problem is trying to reduce the OS footprint, allowing for a stable amount of memory to be left to the in-game XMB permanently

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