Eurogamer First Impressions: Devil May Cry 4

Jim Rossignol writes:

Let's get this straight: of all the hackandslash games of recent years it's been the Devil May Cry games that have best held my attention. I like their ambivalent tone and their over-designed world: the baroque-modern towns with magic swords and buses. It's a grand contemporary fantasy, and it doesn't falter. It's also a mechanically pleasingly fighting game. Guns and swords: it's all about how the fighting looks, and you have to respect that in a game. Devil May Cry 4 certainly doesn't get shy on that front: savaging multiple enemies with a giant, blazing sword and a gigantic, ammo-free pistol is once again the central beat of the game. The frenzied demon-killing doesn't seem to have lost its touch.

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lesferdinand4383d ago

Loved 1, ignored 2 and haven't been able to finish 3 yet. I really hate how the game starts. The young Dante is quite hard to stomach. Hopefully I can get over this and start enjoying the gameplay. But there's plenty to play before that so I might pick up DMC4 by the time it hits the bargain bins...

aggh im on fire4383d ago

Played the demo...not my cup of tea. Got bored. But if you like this type of thing then great.

mikeslemonade4383d ago

The demo was good. However Capcom could have put a better level than the cathedral which was confined. The 2nd mission was a lot better and it shows what the game has to offer later in the game as it gets harder.