GameDaily: Top 10 Ugliest Game Characters

Gamedaily takes a look at the top 10 ugliest video game character that they wished they didn't see.

Top 10:

10. Bob from the Tekken Series
9. Brumak from Gears of War
8. Abobo from Double Dragon
7. Wario from Various Nintendo Games
6. Tingle from Various Nintendo Games
5. Yan from Giants: Citizen Kabuto
4. Abe from the Oddworld Series
3. Baraka from the Mortal Kombat Series
2. Voldo from the Soul Calibur Series
1. Nemesis from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

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Cyrus3654376d ago

Don't agree with a few up there, like Wario and Bob, I think there are uglier gaming characters out there.

Hellgiver4376d ago

Yeah, such as any of the Locusts on Gears of War.

Avto4376d ago

I think Bob is kind of funny rather than ugly

HardcoreGamer4376d ago

i really agree with Nemesis though, but if anybody things locusts from gears are more scary. oh comon, have you seen the nemesis,

especially in the game res 3,, wow, he chases the poo out of you

Cyrus3654376d ago

There not talking about scary though, just ugly.

xboxlj4376d ago

I take it that some of you guys look like Bob, which is why you don't find him ugly. Because he is one ugly dude.

ygxbrayzie4376d ago

Spawn is ugly without the mask and that Clown...

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