EGM Editor Confirms Ninja Gaiden II for PS3 was "just a mistake"

Responding to rumors spurred by the latest of Electronic Gaming Monthly that listed Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden II for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, an editor for EGM cleared up any confusion.

In a post at NeoGAF, the editor, "BryanI" remarks: "This was just a mistake on our end (damn those late-night deadlines!). NG2–as far as I know–is only coming to the 360."

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Baba19064380d ago

that was pretty obvious. maybe we will get a sigma someday. i loved the first sigma.

season0074380d ago

and btw fellow AIBOs can stop fooling around some rumors now

mikeslemonade4380d ago

Yep we never needed this overated game. We would much rather buy the same type of game for like $20 called Ninja Gaiden Sigma or play true next gen action slashers such as DMC4 and God of War 3.

power of Green 4380d ago

I don't think Xbots were scared, many gamers more than likely still have TGS on their hardrives.

Xbots are smart they know durring TGS there was no PS3 version due to many facts told to us in the TGS video and know there couldn't be a PS3 version made from the ground up(or even a port, if Tecmo did that) for PS3 in 3 or 4 months apon release beside the 360 version.

It was the rabid attacks and the flood of trolls that were making people angry with their wild theories and senseless bashing.

Lord Cheese4380d ago

unlike fanboys i'm not going to claim you've never played NG, but i disagree with you on at least 2 levels...

1) You cant say NG2 is overrated - its not even finished yet!

2) If you've given NG a proper play (finished it or at least gotten a fair way through ) you'll seeit is a very different game to God of war and DMC. DMC is a pure button mashing fest (damn fun though) and God of war is similar, but more puzzle oriented. NG rewards timing and good fighting technique - its more a game for the purists imo, and its much more about the combat than the puzzles.

NG was my favorite game of the last generation (possibly of all time) and i'm obviously buying NG2 on my 360 the moment it comes out. But i think it would be a great addition to the ps3 library if it was ever released and i personally feel that it will be a better game than both God of war 3 and DMC4.

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Kain814380d ago

and about the autor of this article (i mean the Source)is a xbot

socsca4380d ago

Wow, denial much? Read what he said again, please.

nix4380d ago

but i would love it if it comes on PS3... this is only game i want from 360's exclusive lists.

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The story is too old to be commented.