Subpoenas Served to Multiple Unreal Engine 3 Licensees Over Contracts; Epic Responds

Shacknews has learned that multiple Unreal Engine 3 licensees have been served with subpoenas in an effort to obtain their confidential engine contracts for use as evidence in Silicon Knights' coming court battle with Epic Games.

The two companies became embroiled in a legal feud after Silicon Knights filed suit against Epic last July. As part of its lawsuit--the allegations of which include Fraud, Negligent Misrepresentation, and Breach of Contract--Silicon Knights demanded all profits from the Epic-developed blockbuster shooter Gears of War in the form of awarded damages.

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Theo11304377d ago

I wonder which developers will subpoenaed, there are soo many team with the unreal 3, maybe allot of PS3 devs.

ruibing4377d ago

Actually I think the top PS3 exclusives are based on proprietary engines.

Statix4377d ago

ALL profits from GoW? Are they joking? Jesus christ, I don't know which side is right, and SK may very well be justified in its accusations, but some of these compensatory demands are just ridiculous.

lodossrage4377d ago

They're saying its the unreal engine's fault that too human is delayed and blaming epic.

The truth of the matter is, Too Human has had development problems for over six years. They tried to make this game TWICE before. Once on ps2 and once on gamecube. Both ran into development issues.

So for this third time, the asked for the unreal engine. So now since they used someone else's program to make the game, they made epic the fall guy.

But the truth of the matter is silicon knights are the ONLY ones complaining about a "faulty" unreal engine. Squaresoft, Sony, Microsoft, and Sega all have games either already out or upcoming games using the unreal engine. You don't hear any of those bigger companies crying foul do you?

gamesR4fun4377d ago

they are def looking for a scapegoat what a farce.
we cant make a game cause were all retarded so lets sue...
I hope Midway wins this.

wh0am14376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

well there were a whole heap of delays left and right
there's got to be a reason besides the ps3-is-too-hard-to-program-for right?

but ALL of GoW profits?
that's a bit ridiculous to say the least...