Call Of Duty 4 Becomes 3rd Game To Pass 2 Million On PS3

It is official that Call Of Duty 4 has become the third PLAYSTATION 3 game title to pass 2 million in sales, accelerating passed Assassins Creed in not-to-distant fourth place with just under 2 million in sales.

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Iron Man 24377d ago

Well deserved,COD4 is my second favorite game on my PS3,Uncharted is my all time favorite game on any console

COD4 online is simply the best there is,no other game comes close to COD4's multiplayer,and the single player campaing is SUPERB as well

Violater4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

And it's good to see all the other guys on the site who own shares in MS and Sony fight it out and completely ignore the point as always.

end sarcasm

athlon7704377d ago

Some PS3 haters out there were claiming that the PS3 has yet to have one game pass 1mil in sales, and here we have a report showing 3 games have passed the 2mil mark...interesting I think.

The games are very worthy of the sales, but still supprised that R&C has not done better and yet to hit the million mark.

But 7 games past the 1mil mark, thats cool for a system with no games. :)

SL1M DADDY4377d ago

You have to remember that Xbots like to use NPD data only to argue their claims. Of course, the NPD shows North American numbers only and ignors the rest of the world. Shame on them. Maybe somebody needs to let them know that there are other countries that like to play games?

BloodySinner4377d ago

You mean, PS3 users in other countries who actually BUY games, instead of spending most of their time on whining and complaining like the North American PS3 user base?

Kleptic4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )


BloodySinner4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Easy question. Easy answer.

I'm at school right now. Therefore, I have some free time to comment. Now you get to join my growing list of users I have on ignore! Nice knowing you! =D

EDIT: LOL! Good job on the edit, you fool. I caught you.

"har har har bloody are totally right...I never see a single 360 fanboy on this site...ever...they all have better things to do like buy, wait...

one thing is fairly common...I see more 360 fanboys pissing into the wind then any other demographic around...don't you know that 95% of your arguments towards "PS fanboys" come back and push your face through the back of your head?...

so I will make it obvious...if NA PS3 owners "have nothing better to do than be on N4G"...and 360 owners "are buying and playing games"...then why the feck are you on here posting?..."

InYourMom4376d ago

Are you for real?

"one thing is fairly common...I see more 360 fanboys pissing into the wind then any other demographic around..."

I thought you were one of the more level-headed people here but I guess I was wrong. This place is 4:1 PS3 fanboys and if you can't see that then you have your face not pushed to the back of your head but firmly shoved up your arse.

This news post is a great example. It's made up news! Someone goes to the completely unreliable VGAChartz and then looks at the numbers and then suddenly makes it news. How many 360 news posts are "XXXX game has become the XX game to pass 2mil in sales". It's like trying to make up for some inadequacy(ie little d!ck syndrome).

There is usually one PS3 rumor debunk every day here, because PS3 fanboys work themselves up and start their FUD and then end up burning themselves. If that isn't pissing in the wind then I don't know what is.

It happens on both sides, but to say it's more 360 fanboys is misinformation.

BrianC62344376d ago

What's really sad is Need For Speed Pro Street is so far ahead of Ratchet & Clank Future. R&CF is one of the best games of 2007 yet it's only around 750,000 so far. Shameful. Gamers need to get with it and stop this silly nonsense. Too many people act like a platformer is for kids. R&C isn't. They're great games. Maybe these people who think that should rent it and try it out.

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CNIVEK4377d ago

That's almost HALF as many as the 360 version....very newsworthy! :p

ruibing4377d ago

Then why would you even care?

I liked the game, though I still have trouble playing FPS on a console.

mighty_douche4377d ago

well seeing theres half as many PS3's around wouldnt that make them about equal (game sales Vs install base)?

so i dont really see your point?

kevoncox4377d ago

However, the 360 has tons of games to split the purchasing dollar.
Cod4 on 360 was up against, bioshock and halo 3.

On ps3 this game was against......
Don't include R&C and Uncharted as they all floped.

prowiew4376d ago

This is getting ridiculous and lame. I cant believe people argue that this system has more 2 million games than the other. what the hell. is good childish entertainment.

Kleptic4376d ago

"Kevin Cox is a d'bag...I saw him go into a bathroom last night with a DUDE!!.."

ahah I seriously read that on a stall door last night at a bar near my house...word for word...I am fairly certain it has nothing to do with this guy above...but judging by that horribly inaccurate comment, it very well may be true...

fenderputty4376d ago

"However, the 360 has tons of games to split the purchasing dollar.
Cod4 on 360 was up against, bioshock and halo 3.

On ps3 this game was against......
Don't include R&C and Uncharted as they all floped."

PS3 also had UT3 and the Orange Box (which did bad). Don't say Uncharted was a flop as it's sold over a million in a couple months. Unlike most of the FUD you spread, the PS3's user base does buy games and not just BD movies.

IzKyD13314376d ago

you idiot, you dont think that an extra YEAR would allow the the 360 to have higher sales numbers?

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Sayai jin4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

Great news! I only wish that Sony exclusive titles sold as well. Like Uncharted! It just hit a million though. I was suprised that it has only sold a million to date. People go out and buy games, it makes developers want to develop games for your system(s).

Oh before someone says it, 2 million is impressive. It is true it is has sold double the amount on the 360 and that is truly astonishing, but it should not take anything away from the the 2 million for the PS3. Remember, number wise it should sale more on the 360 due to the larger install base. So no one should be bashing the PS3 for this, becuase if you compare the ratio install base number to units sold the ratio would be about the same. What is interesting is that this is the first time Sony has been in this predicament in not having the larger install base.

Kleptic4376d ago all honesty...its probably better for PS3 owners that 3rd party games are selling great...those are the publishers and developers that have the choice of not making games for the PS3...

1st party stuff is important for Sony's wallet...1st party games will come out year after year regardless...but if you want big exclusive franchises like MGS and FF to stay playstation damn well better talk with your money...

WilliamRLBaker4377d ago

cod 4 360 has sold 4 million:)

jim074377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

360 has a double-size install base. it is obvious that 360 is going to sell more with more systems sold, but this is a huge deal for the PS3. It is the 3rd game to reach this achievement AND is the first non-bundled game to reach this achievement. It has the same attachment rate as the 360!

Kleptic4376d ago

just curious...but how many games had reached 2 million by January 07 for the 360? (and that was with a full 14 months of world wide availability...PS3 wasn't even world wide until March of 07)...

what was it?...Gears, and CoD 2 for sure...but did Vegas, GRAW, or Dead Rising make that also?...just either case I don't think of having almost 4 games over 2 million sold, with less than a full year of world wide availability, as bad...

jim074377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

I am hoping that the PS3 owners, like myself, can see this news as extremely positive and a great sign of things to come. It is an amazing achievement!

ravinash4376d ago

Heres a lesson for all game Devs, make a great game and make it work on both systems and it will sell on both systems.