AusGamers Hands-Off GTA IV Impressions

Australian gaming site, AusGamers has a new preview up of the latest build of GTA IV. This hands-off preview outlines a controlled demo where Rockstar Australia demonstrated a number of new features for the game as well as some of the technology Rockstar North are using.

From the preview:

"the demo went on and I was being shown how some of the life in Liberty City conducts itself. For one, throughout the game you'll actually make friends. Now, while that might sound mundane or arbitrary, the fact is maintaining these friendships (so we're told) is going to be key to getting the most out of the game-world. At any point you can call up your friends or answer a call from them, after which you can perform a number of friend-building activities that include the likes of bowling, darts, or my new personal favourite, drinking..."

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