Square Enix: Extended PS3, 360 lifecycles are 'biggest mistake ever'

That's according to Square Enix's worldwide technology director Julien Merceron, who told GamesIndustry.biz that the platform holders' decision to hold off on releasing new hardware has helped facilitate the emergence of powerful new rival platforms.

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PirateThom4102d ago

Final Fantasy Verses XIII still isn't out.

sinncross4102d ago

lol Square... the life cycle have been so long and info on FFV13 is literally still non existent the entire cycle.

Seriously, square are just making themselves look like idiots now

Yi-Long4102d ago

... you still see the quality of games improving each year, and by now I have quite a nice and large library of cool games.

My only hope is that the next generation of Playstation and Xbox will be completely backwards compatible with the current generation.

Summons754102d ago


I'm sorry, what was that about there being almost no information? Looks like there is a ton to me.

I'm perfectly fine with them taking there time to smooth out all the rough edges to make it the best they possibly can. Do I wanna play it really badly? Yes, but I can be patient and wait. Not to mention they said a couple months ago it was 90% done so I don't see why your bitching.

slayorofgods4102d ago

It looks like SE is trying to come up with a reason to get in bed with Nintendo again.

SE is the type of company that blames others for their inadequacies, a scary thought is that Square may be thinking of making Wii U exclusives and they may even be tinkering with the idea of moving FFvs13 to that platform as a exclusive.... Remember they have screwed their fans in the past by developing for Sony then making a jump to the 360... i.e. Star Ocean 4 was in development as a PS3 exclusive until SE decided they didn't like Sony anymore.

sikbeta4102d ago

New HW is needed, but then again, IF SE can't release VS XIII after 6 years... it's a moot point...

Anon19744102d ago

Yeah, this extended lifecycle really hurt the PS2 as well. Oh, wait a minute...

starchild4102d ago

Ignorance. Final Fantasy Versus XIII isn't out yet so that means we don't need new hardware...herp derp.

This guy is right. The current gen has gone on for too long.

Oh and darkride66, the PS2 might be experiencing a long life, but that doesn't mean that the PS3 didn't come along in the proper time frame. The PS2 came out in 2001 and the PS3 came out in 2006.

This generation is dragging on too long and it is stifiling progress and making people lose interest. The whole industry is in a decline and it isn't solely because we are in a recession.

Rainstorm814102d ago

PS2 came out in 2000....and as these systems become more powerful, naturally they should last longer....

Besides No one at Square Enix has any right to say when the next gen should start, if anything they need to aim for the success they had on PS1 and PS2...the only reason they are still releant is because of outdated hardware like handhelds and the Wii

nukeitall4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

It's relatively good for console manufacturers, but not so good for publishers/developers.

The saturation of games, means new games are having a harder time selling and the average selling prices of games are going down, down and more down!

I also agree that the lack of excitement in the console area has driven people elsewhere (with the exception of Kinect).

I think we are way past time for a new console generation though!

WeskerChildReborned4102d ago

Has their even been any info on a KH3?

pixelsword4102d ago

The games they put out this gen didn't even run well and they think they need LESS time on a console?

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torchic4102d ago

you beat me to it, damn :)

Capt-FuzzyPants4102d ago

Well I don't think SE as a whole said it. Julien Merceron said it and he has nothing to do with Versus, so I think the title is a tad bit misleading. He was just sharing his thoughts and his mindset, not the company as a whole. But the only thing that matters is the title right?

dirigiblebill4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

Fair point - but he's the worldwide technology director, not some junior designer. Obviously his opinions on hardware are his own, but they have a massive bearing on the company as a whole and it's reasonable to interpret them in that light.

Not sure where you're getting the Versus link from, unless you're responding to another comment there.

SilentNegotiator4102d ago

They can barely release a few games within one console cycle these days and they're complaining that the cycles are too short?


Troll-without-Bridge4102d ago

Which has nothing to do with the article. What the man said is spot on with our reality today, if only people read the article instead of just the titles.

And then im the troll.

chazjamie4102d ago

square enix is no longer relevant. what ever they say is of no importance, what ever they do is futile.

akaakaaka4102d ago

so whats your point? maybe they will make ff versus for the ps4 using they beautiful engine.
but since Sony and m$ are suckers for money(like any other corp.) they are extending the life cycle of their old teach.
many sheep loyal fans will suck their dirty cheap moves, but they are stupid. All they do is hurt the hardcore gamer for more money.

by the end of the year we will have the ps4 with game using new and better teach, know we have to wait until maybe next year to enjoy from it and fans will have to wait longer for their favorite ip's.
If ND did a great job in LOU with the ps3 imagine how amazing that game will be using the ps4 teach?
but i guess we will have to wait for that.

avengers19784102d ago

I like the longer life cycle, besides when a new console comes out I want it to be a lot better, not just a tiny bit better. If I am going to invest 400-600 dollars(possible more) than I want it to be for something I have for awhile.

Ranma14102d ago

Squaresoft=One of the best devs to ever exist

Square Enix=.....you know the story

sergons4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

"I'm very happy with the long lifecycle of the current generation....
... you still see the quality of games improving each year"
Are you an idiot or you are from USA?

avengers19784101d ago

so games aren't improving on the current generation of consoles... there exactly the same as they were. Cause you know just go to the Call of Duty series, or ASS.Creed series, New Splinter Cell,
The more devs use a system the better they can make games on that system... there have been many improvements over the life cycle of the 360 and PS3... Devs can make better games on both systems then they could a couple years ago, it's up to them to put in the work to make a quality game. So you get some really good games some really bad games a bunch of middle of the road games... but that's true over all platforms and all generations of gaming.

ritsuka6664102d ago

The great idea of Square enix in this gen=buy new console now, buy new games, watch amazing cutscenes..forget about gameplay and good games...

hkgamer4102d ago

Apart from the spelling mistake, you have pretty much summarised every person's thoughts in 7 words.

Knushwood Butt4102d ago

Actually reading the article, I don't understand where this guy is coming from. His argument is that some devs have dabbled / moved to the IOS (etc) market, but releasing more powerful consoles would have had no impact on that trend whatsoever. I'd love to know why he thinks otherwise.

I wonder if SE are getting cold feet about Dragon Quest X?

solar4102d ago

SE was LOVED around here til they announced FF13 for the 360 as well. what a weird coincidence!!