Burnout Paradise Review from Gamespot

Burnout Paradise includes all the fast-driving, hard-wrecking action you'd expect from a Burnout game, but with a fantastic new open-world design that gives it its own stand-alone flavor.

The Good
* Racing and wrecking is as thrilling as ever
* Open-world design creates a great sense of destructive freedom
* Showtime mode is a hoot
* Online functionality is seamless and addicting
* Superb visuals.

The Bad
* Could have used more variety in race and event types
* Soundtrack and DJ dialogue are awful
* Early in the game, you'll probably be a little confused and
overwhelmed by the whole thing.

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Federal-Actors-Guild4384d ago

THe ps3 version is better, its a fact.


Amagai Shuusuke4384d ago

I didn't expect anything less.

tony4384d ago

trust gamespot anymore.

MK_Red4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

Another great score for this incredible game.
9/10 from: EGM/1UP, EDGE, GameSpy, GameSpot...

Also, it was reviewed by Alex Navarro, the best writer of GameSpot. This could be his final work though I thougth he had left earlier. Maybe this was written earlier as well. Still, all 3 of the game, review and reviewer ROCK.

TheIneffableBob4384d ago

Navarro officially retires from GameSpot tomorrow on the 24th.

MK_Red4384d ago

Thanks for the help / info :)
It's a real shame. Navarro was my fave game journalist. Hopefully he will continue to write reviews and stuff.

DrPirate4384d ago

From now on, new policy. If you're making a Gamespot related story, put the score in the description or the title so I don't have to go to the site and give them a hit.

Much appreciated.

Cat4384d ago

sorry about that, there's a new feature when you submit reviews where you have to enter the score; I thought that it would then actually display the score and that including it in the title or description would be redundant.

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