Modify #58: What's Your Payne Threshold?

Andy Mahood:

"Remedy Entertainment's seminal third-person shooter Max Payne was an action-game trailblazer when first released in 2001. But fans of the series haven't had much Max to kick around over the past half-decade.

Time produces bargains, however. Better yet, both Max Payne releases boast active modding communities with some great new ideas and themes for the series. This week we're going to take a look at two of's most downloaded add-ons (for the original Max Payne) over the past few weeks. The first dates back to 2002 while the second just hit the ether in early January. Don't expect a lot of consistency here -- these are about as different as two mods can possibly get -- but each delivers more than enough action to justify those bargain-basement online sales."

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