Uncharted: Drakes Fortune sales hit 1 million Worldwide

According to VG Charts Uncharted: Drakes Fortune has hit the 1million copies sold worldwide mark in just 10 weeks, Europe accounts for the majority of the sales with 550,000 copies sold, North America accounts for 400,000 copies sold and in Japan the game has shifted 50,000 copies at time of print.

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HarryEtTubMan4079d ago

I just beat this game last night and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! What is this now??? The 8th game to hit 1 million? PS3 is coming baby!

sonarus4079d ago

wow nice to see uncharted hit a million. I honestly didnt see it coming. Ps3 owners need to buy more games it really is that simple. Hopefully unreal tournament can achieve the same.

hazeblaze4079d ago

I would've thought this game had shifted more units in the U.S. though! But either way, it is good that it has hit 1M so quickly. Hopefully it continues selling at a pretty decent pace...

zambrota4079d ago


go Uncharted --king of graphically impressive games

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Mr_Kuwabara4079d ago

Good news for Naughty Dog, they really deserved it. I'm part of that 1 million btw. =P

INehalemEXI4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

yup, I grabed a copy too and am impressed with the game.

Adamalicious4079d ago

Me three. It roXXorz. PS3 people, get out there and play it!

El_Colombiano4079d ago

I'm also one of the owners of the masterpiece known as Uncharted:Drakes Fortune...simply one of the best games I've ever played, congratulations to Naughty Dog!

Omicronn4079d ago

Very cool game.

Characters actually play out like a real movie you control better then any game in this genre style.

Im curious how they will top it with Uncharted 2

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El_Colombiano4079d ago

Haha is it just me or are you using a Sony Cybershot with those pictures? Hypocrite much?

resistance1004079d ago


I guess you are compairing it, with how it would do on 360 then in america, despite the fact it has triple the install base of the ps3 over there.

Also yep it took me 7/8 hours to complete, but boy did it make me want to play it again straight away after. Im currently on my 3rd play through of it

Omicronn4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Lawman = Spam :)

n_n4079d ago

Uncharted deserves to sell multi million units because it's such a brilliant game. one of the few masterpieces. I hope more and more people will get a chance to play this amazing game. Great news and Naughty Dog deserves it!

games4fun4079d ago

i beat the game on crushing and am on 4th playthrough its awesome going around with slowmo and unlimited ammo

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resistance1004079d ago

Great sales and well deserved. This is a gaming gem, no Ps3 owner should be without

pwnmaster30004079d ago

dam i still need to buy this and also a couple of family and friends who wnts dis

anyways yeah good job naughty and uncharted i remember xbots saying this well never sell.