Devil May Cry 4 images

Capcom also released these eight images, beside the old three ones, from Tokyo Game Show and Devil May Cry 4.

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happygamer5852d ago

with all the screens i have seen and people at gamespot actually playing this. this game is going to rock. ill get it in a few years.

LostSoul5852d ago

Blu-Ray isn't helping the visuals. Can anyone say XBOX 1?

happygamer5852d ago

the graphics do seem a little bad but its not all about the visuals its about gameplay also i hope they can deliver with the gameplay. no point in blu ray at all.

specialguest5852d ago

heyy this game will be a great game. if this was coming to the 360, it would look no better or worse. of course, the PS3 version would have more features though, due to that extra Blu-ray disc storage.

no_more_heroes5852d ago

Its devil may cry! Graphics were never one of its strong points anyway!

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