Playstation Hardware Revenue Surpassed Microsoft And Nintendo In December

The Bitbag writes, "The new Playstation in review just arrived in my inbox. There's a lot of good bullets for Sony to brag about for December. The one that amazed me was the fact that their hardware revenue was higher than Nintendo. People are buying DS Lites like they were cigarettes and Sony still managed to earn more for their hardware division in December. It could have something to do with the PSP, PS2 and PS3 all costing more than Nintendo's systems. "

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HarryEtTubMan4386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

Suck it JaCK Who(and all Xbots).... wait who's laughing all the way to the bank???? Sony and the Pwnage has BARELY begun. Sony is gonna pwn Microsft again this generation.

Who made the most money? Sony.

Who is STILL the Software King? PS2.

Who all outsold the Xbox 360 in December.... the biggest month of the year? PS3, PS2 and PSP.

Who said the 360 would outsell the PS3 2:1? TheMART.

Who got got Pwned and still hides? TheMart.

Who is gonna come from behind and WITHOUT A DOUBT beat the Xbox 360(and we dont even know maybe the Wii).... The Playstation 3.

It is fact bots and everyone konws it. The PS3 is still brand new and more expenive with ALOT of games coming. The PS3 is gonna spank that ass

EZCheez4386d ago

If we see a $299 PS3 within the next month, we will have one thing to thank for it. The PS2. Like it or not, it's the saving grace for Sony and it's still a force to be reckoned with.

The PS2 is probably single-handedly making up a LOT of lost ground spent getting the PS3 up to speed. I love my PS3 and all, but I hate that it started off with a $600 price point. Not that it wasn't worth it (was for me), but a lot of people couldn't afford it whether they wanted it or not.

DrWan4386d ago

thank you, jesus, i have been saying that for the past 12 months! ppl keep on putting me down and said the PS2 is dragging down the PS3... PS2 is the reason why the PS3 is able to cut prices so aggressively!

cmrbe4386d ago

People that said the PS2 is dragging the PS3 down have the assumption that the potential PS2 owners will switch immediately to PS3 if Sony cut support for PS2 which is false. People that are still buying the PS2 are byuing it because its very cheap and it has a vast game libiary. 2 main problems with the PS3 right now. If Sony were to cut support for PS2 not only will they be cutting their revenue. They will also cutting off potential future PS3 owners that might have switched to x360 or the wii instead. Last but not least they would have taken a major image blow with their customers that expected Sony to support the PS2 at most ten years. Yeah i still don't understand why people see the PS2 as the PS3's weakness

Gina-get-u4386d ago

@ DrWan:

Your statement oversimplifies the reality of things. While it's not completely wrong, it isn't accurate either. Positive revenue intake from the PS2 does offset the negative impact of below-cost PS3 sales, so in that sense the PS2 indirectly subsidizes the PS3. But to suggest that there is a direct sybiotic connection between the two from a strategic business perspective is not correct. It's a lot more complicated than that.

IntelligentAj4386d ago

Yeah most people who bothered to look could see that the PS2 was buoying the PS3. Since people love to talk about attach rates and money coming from software, the PS2 fits perfectly into that mold. It also keeps their main fanbase happy, which makes them more likely to get a PS3.

Omegasyde4386d ago

umm this might sound too simple for you guys..

The PS2 is still around....
..Because of the Wii.

The PS2 is the cheapest gaming system out right now (not including handhelds) and I can't believe how many people still play the Socom titles online. Sony is pumping out casual games for it too if you guys didn't notice, i.e. Buzz series and Singstar.

I think that the next Socom game might swing more people to buying a PS3, along with GoW (est to be released 2010 :( ) A price cut however might swing people too especially if Sony times the price cut with the 500$ dollar tax rebate that U.S. Government will be handing out (US only).

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niall774386d ago

didnt see that coming

no I see why the keep selling ps2's

jwatt4386d ago

Sony is smarter than you think, more ps2 owners is only better for the ps3's future.

mboojigga4386d ago

They love to hide how the PS3 is doing in comparision. Funny as hell.

cmrbe4386d ago

exactly is your point?.

Whoooop4386d ago

Maybe if Microsoft would've kept their xbox in the market, it would be similar, but we'll never know won't we.

The shaft much??? talking about choice... righttttttttt

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