PS3 Devil May Cry 4 Demo Not Out Til Next Month

You may have read recently that the demo of Capcom's Devil May Cry 4 will be available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 tomorrow. Activision has just let know that while the demo will hit the 360 as promised, the PS3 version won't be out until February 1.

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niall774828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

or am I missing something

at the moment I say BS, unless its just a typo.

edit..its just the australian demo... so no worries

but anyway we can sit back and watch the xbots flame

INehalemEXI4828d ago

Yah, I thought capcom was the dev and publisher.....

toughNAME4828d ago

yeah I noticed that too...which leads me to think what is Kotaku AU thinking?

games4fun4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

your right capcom not activision should have been contacted watch all the boxfanboys proclaim how great this and thier console when it is very obvious that kotaku got it wrong especially since they are talking about Australia sorry AU :(

itll come out maybe just not Australia

TruthBTold4828d ago

oh my God, thats also what thought when I read this, DMC series is Capcoms' and not Activision...what the hell are they smoking

barom4828d ago

wasn't it always expected to release 31. Jan (a week from now) anyway? And XLive already had their update and I think they got a demo of some other game. NOT DMC.

MADGameR4828d ago

CAUGHT the 360 fans RED HANDED! ROFL!!!!!! GOOD job idiots! The game is coming out in what...12 days? So wtf would you say THE DEMO is coming next month. PURE 360 fanboyism lolz. Who knows how many negative things they posted on here about the PS3.

Snukadaman4828d ago

but why blame xbox fanboys for this nonsense..shouldnt the blame be squarely on kotaku au? You kids truly make this place a joy too come and read such imbecilic comments..

BrianC62344828d ago

If this story is true someone better tell Capcom. I just noticed on their site under blogs that the demo will be out this week in the US for 360 and PS3. I'd think their official site would know the truth on this at least.

IzKyD13314827d ago

N4G really needs to do something about this, there leading gamers on to false information

Dannagar4827d ago

It's very simple, Activision is publishing Devil May Cry 4 in other Territories and in those territories, the demo will be released on Feb 1st. Comprendo?

JVIDICAN4827d ago

im dowloading on the ps3 at this moment

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masterg4828d ago

I guess it's time to dust off the old 360 then.

ruibing4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

...and play that great Activision game!

I'm just kidding.

marinelife94827d ago

If you have a Silver Live account you won't be able to download for another week.

toughNAME4828d ago

I swear to fukcin god look through my comment history...I so called it


My philosophy has always been: Don't give PS3 games release dates. Just give an ETA and ship the game when its done

I guess this goes for demos too

toughNAME4828d ago

ah well it seems its just I was part right :P


and the bubble system is busted, go crazy HarryEtTubMan

jack who4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

bla bla bla ps3 isnt a gamin system so we no care..

some one tell that 1 Bubble guy to go play on the freeway

HarryEtTubMan4828d ago

shut up illiterate retard. You're to stupid to know what's good and what's not.

playinitcool4828d ago

"ps3 isnt a gamin system so we no care"
Your living in the past.
The PS3 have more than proven its a gaming machine. You just have the added bonus of it running the winning HD movie format.

kalistyles4828d ago

It's only a demo. It's better on the PS3 anyway. I think I can live for the week.

wageslave4828d ago

Its been demonstrated more than once -- on this website no less -- that the Xbox 360 version of this game looks better. Other than the graphics the gameplay will be little different.

Another Xbox 360 advantage: The Guide will show what you're playing to your friends and accept game invitations from them while your playing DMC4, you can get IMs from your PC-based friends straight to your console, and you can play a custom soundtrack...

Which version is better now?

C_SoL4828d ago

for 1:show me a link showing me that this game is graphically better on the 360....2:How the fu<k does game invitations from ur friends make it any better(theres no multiplayer)& 3:custom soundtracks? who the hell needs custom soundtacks when the game already has badass music....

DrPirate4828d ago

I love when people bother me with invites in the middle of my Devil May Cry game sessions.

And the music that comes with it is awesome enough, you won't want to use a custom soundtrack.

Your points are moot.

pwnsause4828d ago

Wageslave said "Another Xbox 360 advantage: The Guide will show what you're playing to your friends and accept game invitations from them while your playing DMC4, you can get IMs from your PC-based friends straight to your console, and you can play a custom soundtrack...

Which version is better now?"

WTF are you stupid? You just broke the first Commandment of DMC games, Thou Shall Not play Custom Game Music while turning off the DMC Music, DANTE HATES YOUR MUSIC! goes to show you xbots will not understand DMC 4 cause they never played the original on the PS2 or its sequel(which was bad DMC 2) and its Prequel (which was amazing DMC 3 Vergil FTW!!!!!), Comon WTF custom Game music? Have you ever listened to the Music that DMC games have? I dont want to listen to Halo Music while Playing an awesome Fast Paced Hack and Slash game, if thats what you intend to do, cause they dont mix.

Daishi4828d ago

I would love to listen to the soundtrack to Brokeback Mountain while playing DMC4, cause that's how I roll. I just love seeing Dante hold Neros sword!!!
(seriously though after watching the anime and the final trailor for this game OMG HS, I'll hook my 360 up right next to my PS3 gaming brothers not to compare but to witness history together. Multiplatform FTW!!!)

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